The Melbourne Centre for Corporate Governance and Regulation (MCCGR) was established in 2017 to address both longstanding and emerging issues of corporate governance facing for-profit, government and not-for-profit entities in Australia and around the world.

Based in the Department of Accounting, Faculty of Business and Economics, the Centre provides a platform for academics in a range of disciplines to collaborate on research into issues of corporate governance and regulation. Building on existing research strengths in this field, the Centre also builds on collaboration with leading international academics with expertise in corporate governance and regulation.

A primary objective of the Centre is to provide insights on practical issues in a way that can inform key players, such as managers, directors, investors, and policy-makers. Our topics of investigation are informed by close links with industry leaders, including our industry advisors. The Centre also seeks to break new ground by investing in the curation of high-quality data sets and data analytics, providing insights to the key governance issues of concern to practitioners.

“One only needs to read the financial press to realize the importance of good corporate governance to the functioning of industry, government and the not-for-profit sector. Stakeholders are concerned about excessive pay for CEOs, whether board directors are acting in the best interests of the firm, the role of activists and proxy advisors on the decision makers within the organizations, to name a few key issues.” Professor Margaret Abernethy, Sir Douglas Copland Chair of Commerce, Director, Melbourne Centre for Corporate Governance and Regulation.

“Corporate governance and how firms are regulated continue to be hot topics in Australia and globally. While everyone from titans of industry to the general public seems to have views on corporate governance, the reality is that much of the conventional wisdom has little basis in real evidence. The opportunity for the Centre to contribute in an independent perspective based on rigorous examination of the data is clear.” Professor Ian Gow, Director, Melbourne Centre for Corporate Governance and Regulation.