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Martin Weisner

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Melbourne Accounting Research Seminar

Professor Gary Monroe from the University of New South Wales will present a MARS seminar.

Topic: Earnings Disaggregation and Market Efficiency

Abstract: Using the earnings disaggregation model in Jackson, Plumlee and Rountree (2018), we investigate investors’ incorporation of the market, industry and firm-idiosyncratic components of earnings in their stock pricing decisions. We find results consistent with Jackson et al. (2018), showing the firm-idiosyncratic component of earnings is less persistent than the other two earnings components. However, we find that investors fail to correctly react to the actual persistence of the market and firm-idiosyncratic components of earnings as reflected in their stock pricing behavior. Investors are found to underweight the market and firm-idiosyncratic components of earnings but do not incorrectly weight the industry component of earnings. Correspondingly, we find that significant positive abnormal returns can be earned by taking a long (short) position in firms with higher (lower) levels of firm-idiosyncratic earnings consistent with the firm-idiosyncratic earnings component containing higher information uncertainty.

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