Melbourne Accounting Research Seminar - Associate Professor Yangyang Chen

Melbourne Accounting Research Seminar

The FBE Building
Theatre 4 (room 221)
111 Barry St, Carlton


Associate Professor Yangyang Chen from Hong Kong Polytechnic will present a MARS seminar.

Topic: Executive Equity Risk-Taking Incentives and Firm’s Choice of Debt Structure

Abstract:  We examine the impact of executive equity risk-taking incentives on U.S. firms’ choices of debt structure. Firms with higher sensitivity of executive compensation to stock volatility (vega) rely less on bank debt and more on public debt. The effect of vega is amplified for firms with greater asset substitution risk and more opaque financial information, while mitigated for firms with less scope to increase equity risk. Multiple identification tests confirm causality. We conclude that, by encouraging risk-taking, higher vega increases firms’ reliance on public debt in order to avoid more stringent bank monitoring.