An approach to preserving accounting and business archival materials: enhancing accessibility to inform research and practice (LP100200261)

CPA Australia is one of the oldest professional accounting associations in the world. Its archival records provide invaluable insights into the development of the profession and the business community it services. The preservation and management of this heritage will be of benefit not just to the profession but also in enhancing our understanding of the evolution of the corporate foundation of the economy. This project will involve the development of a framework for managing the archive and facilitating access through the use of digital technologies. The outcomes will contribute to preserving and understanding the nation's business history as well as facilitating integration with international accounting and business archives.

Researchers A/Prof Bradley Potter, A/Prof Monica Keneley, Prof Colin FergusonMr Phillip Cobbin, Prof Brian West, Dr Mark Wilson
Award $210,000 from Australian Research Council 2010 - 2013
Partner Organisations CPA Australia, National Archives of Australia