Fiona Campbell

With twenty years experience serving clients, Fiona is a Partner in Ernst & Young's Assurance practice. Fiona has worked with a range of clients across retail and consumer products, manufacturing and industrial products, distribution, biotechnology, aged care and not for profit organisations. She has also project managed various audit teams and engagements across Australian, Asia Pacific and global organisations. Fiona also worked in Northern America on a global reengineering project.

Her ability to build genuine relationships has enabled her to work closely with all levels in an organisation including board members and senior leadership to deliver the best outcome for the client.

Fiona was appointed as the People leader for the Melbourne Assurance practice which is testament to her ability to coach and develop other staff members. Fiona has co-authored a university textbook which provides a relevant and practical approach to auditing. She has also been a member of various not for profit boards and audit committees over the last ten years and is the current Chair of the Uniting Aged Care (Victoria and Tasmania) Audit and Risk Committee.


  • Industry Specialisation: Retail, Consumer Products, Manufacturing, Distribution, Industrial products, Biotechnology, Aged Care, Not for profits
  • Auditing Standards
  • Accounting principles
  • Professional standards and practice

Professional experience

For twenty years, Fiona has worked on audit clients in a wide range of industries. She has considerable experience providing professional services to Australian and foreign controlled companies. She also project manages various audit teams and engagements of both public (listed and unlisted) and private companies, as well as clients listed on foreign exchanges (such as NASDAQ).

These clients include BP Australasia, Genetic Technologies, Leigh Mardon, Snowgum Australia, Oce Australia (part of Canon Inc), Wurth Australia, Marine Power Australia, Scouts Association of Victoria, and the Pharmacy Guild of Victoria.


Seminar 1 - The changing face of the audit profession - how will we continue to attract graduates?

Fiona discussed the changing face of the audit profession and also covered:

  • EU Green Paper, US SEC and other regulators views on what auditors can and can't do (should and shouldn't be doing)
  • Historical traits/characteristics/skills recruited to attract to the profession
  • Current skills etc (and the gaps we currently see)
  • The changing face of audit teams (e.g. the outsourcing of administrative tasks)
  • Future skills/backgrounds/characteristics - should we consider other sources of recruitment (mature age?  retired accounting teachers?  high school leavers?)

Seminar 2 - Audit Reporting and Transparency Reporting - Where will it end?

Fiona covered the following topics:

  • What are the current transparency reporting requirements (EU now, Australia about to start)
  • Should the profession be providing more information than the minimum required?
  • What are some of the alleged shortfalls of current audit reports
  • What are some of the current suggestions/ideas being raised by regulators and users globally as to the future requirements of audit reports (e.g. including business risks and business models in the financials which would then be opined on by the auditors)