Coaching a Team

Coaching is intended to improve performance by helping students to build more effective teams and, where necessary, to help them address particular problems. In situations where team work is an essential part of assessment, many students are unprepared for working as part of a team. In operating as 'team coach', tutors help to provide students with a supportive organizational context.

This means that tutors need to develop the skills to help students improve team performance. Part of the work of a team coach is to help the team to develop an enabling structure and a compelling direction, as well as to function as a real team by meeting regularly and communicating effectively.

Team coaching takes different forms depending on the stage of the team life cycle: at the earlier stages, motivational c oaching helps the team form, establish goals, and start working together. Later on, consultative coaching will help to improve performance - to make effective teams perform even better and to help those teams that run into problems to overcome them.

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