Apart from formal feedback practices that involve student evaluation, academics can approach the WCLA for a collaborative feedback approach designed to evaluate specific components of teaching practice. Feedback helps new and experienced academics to better reflect upon what they do to help students learn more effectively.

WCLA provides one-to-one support to academic staff in the form of feedback. Academics can approach the WCLA to co-develop a feedback framework that best suits their needs. This framework can include arrangements for WCLA to conduct peer observations of lectures or tutorials as many times as needed. The feedback can be framed into a number of agreed outcomes such as looking at specific elements of a lecture or tutorial. In most cases, the academic can ask for feedback around fostering active learning, engaging students in large or small classes, presentation skills, providing feedback to students by responding effectively to in-class questions, and using educational technologies in classrooms.

Academics in the past have benefited from peer review and have valued highly the feedback on teaching that they receive from WCLA. The feedback from WCLA can also be used for documenting evidence of teaching practice or applying for awards.

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