Documenting Teaching Effectiveness

It is important to keep a record of what constitutes teaching effectiveness. In order to document your teaching effectiveness it is important to be aware of the Nine Principles Guiding Teaching and Learning in the University.

The nine principles can help you determine what forms of evidence you need to collect. The Student Experience Survey (SES) only form one part of your teaching effectiveness. Your teaching portfolio should also include evidence of teaching effectiveness beyond student evaluations. For example, your evidence can include how specifically you foster “an atmosphere of intellectual excitement” and how you communicate “clear academic expectations and standards”. Other forms of evidence can include how you promote student participation, active learning and engagement; how you manage diversity; how you request for, give and act on feedback; how you use educational technologies to promote student engagement; how you approach teaching to influence, motivate and inspire students; or how you approach assessments to promote independent learning and better learning outcomes. Being aware of what you need to document is a good way for you to reflect on your teaching practice. It can also save you a lot of time when applying for teaching awards offered by the Faculty and the University.