FBE Academic Women in Leadership

The Williams Centre for Learning Advancement hosts the inaugural FBE Academic Women in Leadership program, with the support of HR. The program is open to academics across Levels A to D. The program is designed for women in leadership and those who aspire to leadership roles. With a focus on self-belief and redefining one's capacity to achieve, this program accelerates personal development and builds leadership skills in a unique and insightful way.

The program primarily comprises of two-hour seminars running every two weeks (usually Tuesdays), with a 3 hour session for the final date. Sessions are fully catered. Participants accepted into the program are required to attend each session. Head of Department support is essential to enable this attendance.

The program is fully subsidized by the Williams Centre for Learning Advancement. Only 8-10 applications will be accepted from across the faculty to maximise the learning experience. Potential applicants are encouraged to discuss this opportunity with their Head of Department.

Applications are called for once a year, with full program details and dates provided at that time.