Are Business Faculties Delivering Rich Sets of Graduate Attributes? Roderick O'Donnell (Domestic Visitor)

FBE Building, 111 Barry Street Level 3, Room 3.15

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Professor Rod O’Donnell, furnished with degrees in Civil Engineering, Economics and Philosophy (including a PhD from Cambridge University), was Professor of Economics at Macquarie University for many years and is now at UTS. Befitting his formation, he is interested in both thought (conceptual analysis) and action (practical solutions).

His research interests in economics are broad, including the conceptual foundations of economics, different schools of economic thought, the theories and policies of JM Keynes, decision-making under uncertainty, philosophies of probability and their implications for economics, economic and political approaches to inequality, the history of economic thought, and the complexities of opportunity cost. His research has been funded by ARC grants over 16 years.

He is just as concerned with the teaching of economics, especially the fostering of rich sets of graduate attributes, weaknesses in current teaching methods in economics, and more horizon-expanding and motivational ways of teaching the discipline. He has five teaching awards, three from universities, and two from the Australian Government, one of which is for University Teaching Excellence.

Professor Roderick O'Donnell