How to apply

  1. Apply online

    Applicants to the University of Melbourne must use the online application form to apply for all graduate research degrees and to make a scholarship application (ensure you apply for course code: DR-PHILBE). International applicants may also apply through a University of Melbourne registered Overseas Representative.

  2. Attach supporting documents

    Please be sure to attach in full all relevant supporting documents (previous academic transcripts, evidence of English language requirements, GMAT/GRE score sheets). We will not be able to assess your application without these documents.

  3. Academic references

    Academic references must be provided in accordance with the instructions in the online application form. Please refer to the Future Students website for information highlighting the new process for providing references.

    Referee Reports

    Please note: From May 25, 2017 there will be a new process for providing references. Read the information below to ensure your references and referee information are provided correctly.

    Applications begun (saved) OR submitted before May 25, 2017

    Your referees must provide the reference report in the existing PDF format, using either the Academic Referee Report or Employer Referee Report Form as appropriate.

    Applications begun (saved) AND submitted on or after May 25, 2017

    All references must be submitted using the online tool

    • Applicants must provide contact details for their referees in the online application form.
    • On submission of your application, the referees will be emailed a link to access the Graduate Research Referee tool and they must provide their references using this online tool.
    • You will be notified when they submit the reference.

    It is important that you contact your referees well before submitting an application. This ensures they expect the request for a reference and understand that the University of Melbourne referee request email contains both instructions on how to access the tool and submit their references through the attached link.

  4. Employer references

    Applicants who have relevant research/professional experience gained through employment must provide an employer reference for each role listed in your application and CV. Please refer to the Future Students website for information highlighting the new process for providing references.

Please note: Only Actuarial Studies applicants are required to identify a potential supervisor prior to the submission of an application.

Things to consider before applying

Your Previous Qualifications

You must have completed a degree in an area that is relevant to your intended research topic.

You must demonstrate that you have a specialist understanding of the academic body of knowledge in this area.

Strong Evidence of Research Ability

You will usually have completed a research project at fourth year or at masters level, counting for at least 25% of that year's work.

Motivation and Commitment

You need to demonstrate that you understand the level of commitment it takes to complete a graduate research degree.

For example, a full-time candidate would be expected to devote at least 40 hours a week and a part-time candidate about 20 hours.

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