Degree Structure - Part time

Degree structure and available subjects for part time study

Parkville — Domestic

The Master of Entrepreneurship consists of 9 core subjects comprising 2 foundation subjects, 6 entrepreneurship core subjects, 1 capstone subject (25 points) and 2 elective subjects.

First Year

Summer Intensive  Points

MGMT90222 Foundations of Entrepreneurship Practice

Classes, seminars and off-site field trips including your orientation day.

6 February to 15 February 9am to 5pm 12.50
Semester One  Points
MGMT90226 Business Acumen for Entrepreneurs 27 February to 26 May Tuesdays
10am to 1pm
MGMT90229 Entrepreneur Within Fridays
10am to 1pm
Semester Two  Points
MGMT90227 Entrepreneurial Organisation Foundations 24 July to 20 October Mondays
10am to 1pm
MGMT90229 Entrepreneur Within Fridays
10am to 1pm

Second Year

Semester onePoints
MGMT90225 Creating a Successful Business Model 12.50
MGMT90223 Design Thinking 12.50
MGMT90224 Garage Project 12.50
July IntensivePoints
MGMT90230 Creating Your Own Enterprise (Part 1) 25.00
Semester TwoPoints
MGMT90230 Creating Your Own Enterprise (Part 2) 25.00
MGMT90228 Managing Growth and Pathways to Market 12.50

Plus 2 electives to be taken at any stage during the course, with the approval of the Program Director.

Elective Subjects Points
MGMT90208 Sustainable Business Practices 12.50
MGMT90165 Social Entrepreneurship 12.50
MKTG90008 Consumer Behaviour 12.50
MKTG90011 Marketing Research 12.50
MGMT90011 Managing Stakeholders 12.50
MGMT90037 Conflict and Negotiation 12.50
MKTG90022 Commercialisation of Science 12.50
ACCT90009 Strategic Cost Management 12.50
MULT90014 Business Risk Management 12.50
ACCT90012 Corporate Reporting 12.50
ACCT90015 Legal Issues for Accountants 12.50
ACCT90031 Sustainability Accounting 12.50
ACCT90004 Accounting for Decision Making 12.50
ECOM90009 Quantitative Methods for Business 12.50
FNCE90060 Financial Management 12.50
ECON90015 Managerial Economics 12.50
ECON90032 Macroeconomics for Managers 12.50
ECON90047 Macroeconomics 2 12.50
ECON90045 Microeconomics 2 12.50
FNCE90018 Corporate Financial Policy 12.50
FNCE90048 Project Finance 12.50
FNCE90045 Financial Spreadsheeting 12.50

Engineering subject options (for students with relevant background and prerequisites):

CVEN30010 Systems Modelling and Design 12.50
CVEN30009 Structural Theory and Design 12.50
ENEN20002 Earth Processes for Engineering 12.50
ENGR90021 Engineering Practice and Communication 12.50
ENGR30002 Fluid Mechanics 12.50
ENGR20004 Engineering Mechanics 12.50
MCEN90023 Quality and Reliability 12.50
ELEN90064 Advanced Control Systems 12.50
MCEN90032 Sensor Systems 12.50
MCEN90031 Applied High Performance Computing 12.50
MCEN90028 Robotics and Automation Systems 12.50
MCEN90017 Advanced Motion Control 12.50

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