Melbourne Business Practicum

  • Melbourne Business Practicum Overview

    The Melbourne Business Practicum (BUSA90473) is an in-company intensively-taught subject where students experience the business practices and culture of a Melbourne company first-hand. The aim of the Melbourne Business Practicum is to connect teams of no more than four students to a Melbourne-based company where they are given a challenging business project to work on.

    The Melbourne Business Practicum aims to expose students to:

    • different work practices and cultures;
    • increased networking opportunities;
    • the experience of working closely in a team;
    • challenging and intensive real-life working environments; and
    • the application of theory to practice.

    The Melbourne Business Practicum is worth 12.5 credit points and is offered in February and July each year. Specific details for each of these offerings will continue below.

    Companies previously involved in the Melbourne Business Practicum include banks, insurance firms, not-for-profits and accounting firms. Each company provides a business project or problem and teams might be asked to:

    • examine a new business opportunity for their company;
    • undertake a business analysis exercise;
    • undertake financial analysis or model of current operations, products or services;
    • develop a marketing plan for the company;
    • undertake a business planning exercise; or
    • recommend operational efficiencies.

    Read here about ANZ's involvement with the Melbourne Business Practicum.

  • Key dates for the Melbourne Business Practicum

    To take part in the Melbourne Business Practicum, there are compulsory dates you need to be aware of:

    July 2017 intake:

      July 2017
    Applications open Monday 27 February 2017
    Applications closeApplications have now closed for July 2017
    Group interviews Applicants will be allocated an interview time on Wednesday 26 or Thursday 27 April 2017
    Introductory briefing Tuesday 16 May 2017
    Induction week Monday 26 – Friday 30 June 2017
    In-company component Monday 3 July – Friday 14 July 2017
    Presentation Between Friday 14 July – Wednesday 19 July 2017
    Business Practicum Showcase Celebration Thursday 27 July 2017

    February 2018 intake:

      February 2018
    Applications open Monday 7 August 2017
    Applications close Tuesday 29 August 2017
    Group interviews Applicants will be allocated an interview time between Wednesday 20 – Friday 22 September 2017
    Introductory briefing Monday 16 October 2017
    Induction week Monday 29 January – Friday 2 February
    In-company component Monday 5 February – Friday 16 February 2018
    Presentation Between Friday 16 February – Wednesday 21 February 2018
    Business Practicum Showcase Celebration Thursday 1 March 2018

    Please note that these dates are compulsory and all students who are given an offer for the Melbourne Business Practicum are expected to participate in all of these activities. If you know in advance that you won’t be able to commit to one or more of these dates, please do not apply.

  • Who should submit an application?

    The below criteria should help you determine whether you would be a strong candidate for the Melbourne Business Practicum:

    • Your Weighted Average Mark (WAM) is 65% or higher. Due to limited spaces, entry into the Melbourne Business Practicum is competitive. The minimum average grade requirement for MBP is 65% and the Selection Committee considers the following when allocating places:
      • Academic Performance
      • Quality of CV
      • Interview performance
      • An overall match of skills, experience and interests to the available projects
    • You have completed a minimum of:
      • 200-point degree students: completion of a minimum of 50 points at time of application; or
      • 150 point degree students: completion of a minimum of 50 points at time of practicum commencement if you have a business background (e.g. studied business subjects in an undergraduate degree or relevant work experience).

        Note: All students enrolled in a 200-point degree must first have completed 50 points before applying, regardless of educational background.
    • You are only applying for one Business Practicum subject (Global or Melbourne) for the intake. Please only submit an application for one of the Business Practicum subjects per intake. Students who apply for both the Melbourne Business Practicum and Global Business Practicum during the same intake (e.g. July) will not be considered for either subject.
    • You have checked that there is capacity within your study plan for an elective subject worth 12.5 points

    Please note: Students undertaking Master of Commerce (Finance) and the Master of Management (Accounting) 150pt program are generally ineligible to apply, due to limited elective options available in the course.

  • Find out more before applying
    As we offer two equally exciting Business Practicum subjects, it can be difficult to determine which one is right for you.To help you decide, please come along to our Choosing a Business Practicum – Melbourne or Global information session which will compare each of the programs, helping you to make the best choice.

    When you have decided that the Melbourne Business Practicum is the right choice for you, come along to our Melbourne Business Practicum Information Session where you can meet the Work Integrated Learning Teaching Specialist, listen to previous Melbourne Business Practicum students talk about their experiences and ask questions about the program.

    Note: Information Sessions are now over for the July 2017 intake. We will be holding more sessions in August for our February 2018 Melbourne Business Practicum program. Keep an eye on this page for more information and to register.
  • Apply now!

    If you have read through all the information about the Melbourne Business Practicum and attended an information session, you are ready to apply!

    Applications for the February 2018  Melbourne Business Practicum will open from Monday 7 August 2017 until Sunday 27 August 2017.

    A link to the application form will be posted here on Monday 7 August 2017.

    Good luck!

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Application dates

Applications open 27th Feb 2017 and close 26th Mar 2017.

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Graduate students


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