HigherED Careers Portal

The online career portal, HigherED, gives students an opportunity to see graduate employment opportunities from leading companies across the world. Students can also access free career assessment tools and view profiles for companies and branches across the world.

Click here to access the HigherED Careers Portal using your University of Melbourne student log-in details.

  • Graduate Employment Opportunities with HigherED

    The HigherED career portal gives students access to graduate employment opportunities from leading international companies, including:

    • Pepsico
    • Amazon
    • Ethihad Airways
    • IBM
    • Amcor
    • Siemens
    • and many more.
  • Online Career Assessments

    Students can undertake a number of online career assessments using the HigherED career portal, including numerical and verbal reasoning assessments and workplace motivation assessments. After completing the assessments you will be sent a 'Career Report' outlining your assessment results and providing an indication of your strengths and development needs.


Please be aware that by accessing the HigherED career portal you are leaving the University of Melbourne’s websites and the University cannot bear any responsibility for the accuracy, legality or content of the external site. Privacy protection provided on the University’s website may not be available at the external site.    

All statements in the HigherED Career Report are produced electronically based upon the results of your assessments. The results outline your professional behavioural preferences only. The report is confidential and should not be published. HigherED and The University of Melbourne accept no liability for any consequences should the report be made publicly available.

Who is this for?

All students


If you have any further questions about this program please contact us.

Hayley Wolfert & Tracey Skordos
Consultants, Student Employability and Enrichment