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40K Globe India Internship | July 2017 (Sunday 25 June - Friday 21 July)

In partnership with 40K Globe, we are offering 10 partially funded places* for students to participate in a one-month internship in rural India that gives students hands-on experience, confronting real world problems through social enterprise. Living in a rural village outside of Bangalore, you’ll be working in teams on one of 40K’s Impact Projects developed in collaboration with the community.

By enrolling in IBUS20007 International Business Experience you are able to participate and gain credit towards your Bachelor of Commerce degree.

*Please note: We have 10 NCP Grants valued at $2000 each, only available for Australian citizens. However, all applicants are eligible for scholarships via Melbourne Global Mobility.

Further information can be found:

The program costs will include your subject fee (standard fee based on whether you are an international or domestic student), the program fee of $2600, and then airfare, visa cost, and spending money). You will be eligible for the University to cover your insurance.

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Who can apply?

In order to be eligible you will need to ensure you:

  • You are enrolled in the Bachelor of Commerce
  • At time of departure, completed two semesters of your degree
  • Have space on your Study Plan for a Commerce elective

How do I apply?


Apply online


If you have any further questions about this program please contact us.