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ECON10002 Seminar in Economics and Commerce A - offered in Semester 2 - is a subject coordinated and taught by Professor Robert Dixon from the Department of Economics and focuses on the Political Economy, and the inter-play of political and economic ideas.

In this subject, students will look at the work of three very important figures, Adam Smith, Karl Marx and, John Maynard Keynes; uncovering their key ideas about the economy and assessing their relevance for the modern world. Particular emphasis will be placed on relating the methods, concepts, and conclusions of these three writers to those of modern mainstream economic theory as revealed in first year textbooks. Students will be expected to read original works, as well as secondary literature.

The subject is specially designed for students interested in the history of economic thought, with particular focus on the ideas of Smith and Keynes (and their critics), and in political economy, law and, politics.

Classes will take the form of two 1.5 hour seminars per week (instead of two lectures plus a tutorial). The subject will be taught in a similar fashion to a fourth-year honours subject, with each class being a mix of (a) straight lecture, (b) short question and answer sessions, and (c) lengthy class discussion of pre-set questions.

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Who can apply?

This subject is available to first year high achieving students that have:

  • Completed no more than one semester of study at the University of Melbourne and no more than 50 points of level-1.
  • Completed ECON10004 Introductory Microeconomics AND enrol in ECON10003 Introductory Macroeconomics in Semester 2, 2017.
  • Successful applicants will have achieved excellent results in the first semester of their Bachelor of Commerce.

It is important to note that a quota of 25 students has been applied for 2017.

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Application dates

Applications open 1st Jun 2017 and close 10th Jul 2017.

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Who is this for?

Undergraduate students


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