Global Voices Scholarship


Attend the 2017 World Bank Group and IMF Annual Meetings (Washington D.C. 9 - 13 October 2017).

All expenses paid; unmatched professional networking opportunity; participate in a global diaglogue; gain practical industry experience; meet like minded young people.

Open to undergraduate and postgraduate students enrolled in the Faculty of Business and Economics.

Benefits of participating

The program includes:

  • Attendance at the pre-departure briefings in Canberra (12 - 14 September) where you will meet members of the Australian government, think-tanks, and other experts;
  • Participation in the Global Voices Research Fellowship to develop your understanding of the key issues of the summit; and
  • Attendance at the 2017 World Bank Group and IMF Annual Meetings in Washington D.C.

A dedicated Delegation Manager is responsible for coordinating and planning all meetings and providing feedback and guidance to delegates during the preparation stages.

Who can apply?

To be eligible you must be:

  • Currently enrolled in an approved degree at the University of Melbourne's Faculty of Business and Economics (undergraduate and postgraduate students are eligible);
  • An Australian citizen or permanent resident aged between 18-30;
  • Able to attend the entire Canberra Pre-Departure Briefings (12 - 14 September) and the dates of the Annual Meetings; and
  • Willing to contribute a minimum of 5 hours per week to Global Voices for the program period (this includes time attending meetings, conference calls and working on your research paper).

How do I apply?

Applications are close 25 August 2017.

Apply by completing the form at the bottom of the following webpage:

You are required to submit a research proposal and a personal statement. If successful, your research proposal will become the basis for your final policy paper. Applications without all three pieces of supporting documentation will not be considered. See the Global Voices website for more details on the Statement of Intent and Research Proposal.

Global Voices are looking for applicants who can think analytically and are passionate about their chosen discipline. Applicants must also have a positive approach and be open to different opinions and ways of thinking. Delegates will be expected to work in a team and communicate effectively. The criteria include:

  1. Demonstrated ability through academic and/or extra-curricular achievement;
  2. Demonstrated interest in issues related to the summit;
  3. Capacity to gain personally and professionally from the experience;
  4. Desire to use this experience to make contributions to the community upon returning Australia; and
  5. Quality and relevance of the research proposal submitted with the application.

Semester 1 2016 scholarship recipient

Sabina Lim attended the OECD Forum in Paris in May 2016

"Attending the 2016 OECD Forum was a front row seat to important policy discussions, and the opportunity to engage with experts at the top of their field. Over the course of the forum I learned an incredible amount from the intellectually challenging and stimulating discussions I was a part of – ranging from panels on closing the gender gap, the role of the OECD & G20, and the economic outlook for 2016. A personal highlight for me was getting pulled aside by the Australian ambassador to the OECD into a conversation with Karen Wilson, OECD Development Directorate, and whose impact investing reports I had spent the past months reading for my own research paper!

The experience has also helped me explore my interest in economic policy as a possible career path, and opened doors to talented people already established in the field.

The program is truly an unrivalled opportunity, and has been a defining part of my Melbourne University experience to date!"

Sabina Lim

Who is this for?

All students


If you have any further questions about this program please contact us.