Assignment Submission

The majority of assignments for subjects offered by the Faculty of Business and Economics will be submitted online through the LMS subject page.

You can find further information regarding this at ask.unimelb.

Assignment Extensions

If you are unable to complete an assignment by the due date due to circumstances outside of your control, you should apply for an assignment extension in the first instance.

Applications for extensions should be made directly to the Faculty of Business and Economics.

Please note that assignment extensions can not be granted after the assignment due date.

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Exam Viewing Appointments

Exam viewing appointments are a chance for you to have a look at your exam paper and view the marks you have received for each question.

Where practicable, exam viewing appointments will be released after the supplementary exam period.  Due to time constraints, this may not be possible for every study period.

Please note: an exam viewing appointment is an opportunity to discuss your exam, not to request a remarking of your paper or to request additional marks. It is an opportunity for feedback only.

If your subject is not listed below you will need to contact the Subject Coordinator directly to organise an appointment.

All appointments are closed (no bookings can be made) 24 hours prior to the date of the appointment.

Please do not book more than one appointment per subject. Students found with duplicate appointments will have both appointments cancelled.

Students that are sitting a Supplementary or Special Exam are generally not permitted to view their original exam.

Appointments can be made via the Student Booking System.

Exam Viewing Appointments for Semester 2, 2017*

*Please note, times and dates are subject to change.You will be notified if changes to your appointment occur.

SubjectNameDateVenueAppt Length
ACCT10001 Accounting Reports and AnalysisNoel Boys5th Dec 17, 2nd March 18Level 7 The Spot15mins
ACCT10003 Accounting Processes and AnalysisAnnette Rea7th Dec 17, 19th Feb 18Level 7 Fishbowl, The Spot Building10 mins
ACCT20001 Cost ManagementAlbie Brooks5th Dec 17, Level 7 The Spot10 mins
ACCT20002 Intermediate Financial AccountingJagjit Kaur18th Dec 17, 8th Jan 18, 6 March 18Level 7, Fishbowl, The Spot Building15 mins
ACCT30001 Financial Accounting TheoryBo Qin4th Dec 17, 2 March 18Level 8 Fishbowl, The Spot Building60 mins
ACCT30002 Enterprise Performance ManagementMichael Taouk12th Dec 17, 11th Jan 18, 24th Jan 18, 8th Feb 18Level 7 Fishbowl, The Spot Building15 mins
ACCT30004 Auditing and Assurance ServicesTrevor Tonkin18th Dec 17 Level 7 Fishbowl, The Spot Building15 mins
ACTL10001 Introduction to Actuarial StudiesShuanming Li7th, 8th & 13th Dec 17Room 326, FBE Building 10 mins
ACTL20002 Financial Mathematics IIDavid Dickson11th Dec 17Room 3.23, FBE Building5 mins
ACTL30003 ContingenciesPing Chen8th Dec 17Room 322, FBE Building10 mins
ECOM20001 Introductory EconometricsRichard Hayes12th & 14th Dec 17, 27th Feb 18Room 473, FBE Building15 mins
ECOM30002 EconometricsDavid Moreton15th & 19th Dec 17, 27th Feb 18Room 459, FBE Building15 mins
ECON10003 Introductory MacroeconomicsDan Marshall4th, 6th & 8th Dec 2017Room 336, FBE Building20 mins
ECON10004 Introductory MicroeconomicsCynthia Huang20th & 27th Feb 18, 2nd March 18Room 418, FBE Building15 mins
ECON10005 Quantitative Methods 1Kuiyin Wang27th Feb 18, 6th March 18Room 418, FBE Building15 mins
ECON20001 Intermediate MacroeconomicsKen Quach20th & 27th Feb 18 Room 418, FBE Building15 mins
ECON20003 Quantitative Methods 2Bill Griffiths18th Dec 17, 22nd Feb 18Room 422, FBE Building20 mins
ECON30002 Economic DevelopmentCatherine de Fontenay15th & 16th Jan 18Office #6, 200 Leicester Street20 mins
ECON30005 Money and BankingMei Dong20th Feb 18Room 340, FBE building10 mins
ECON30007 Economics of Food MarketsDonald MacLaren4th & 5th Dec 17Room 466, FBE Building15 mins
ECON30009 MacroeconomicsMay Li29th Jan 18, 5th Feb 18Room 319, FBE Building60 mins
FNCE20001 Business FinanceRobert Carey1st March 1812.029, Level 12, The Spot Building10 mins
FNCE20002 Management of Financial InstitutionsZhen Shi9th March 2018TBC15 mins
FNCE30001 InvestmentsRob Brown15th Dec 17Level 1 Theatre, The Spot60 mins
FNCE30002 Corporate FinanceSean Pinder19th Dec 1712.029, Level 12, The Spot Building10 mins
FNCE30004 Asian Capital MarketsDavid Robinson20th Feb 18Level 11, The Spot Building20 mins
MGMT30004 International Human Resource ManagementLily James13th Dec 17Level 9, The Spot10 mins
MGMT30006 Managing Entrepreneurship and InnovationJingjing Wang13th Dec 17The Spot (email coordinator for room details)15 mins
MKTG20008 Strategic MarketingShala Ahmed14th Dec 17Room 10.066, The Spot Building15 mins
MKTG30009 Digital Marketing (Internet Marketing)Max Theilacker18th Dec 17Room 09.034, Level 9, The Spot Building 10 mins
MKTG30010 Advertising and PromotionsDr Danielle Chmielewski-Raimondo9th Jan 18, 23rd Feb 18Room 9.47, Level 9, The Spot Building10 mins