The Order of Australia Association Foundation Scholarship


The Order of Australia Association Foundation is supporting the next generation of leaders by helping promising young Australians to achieve their potential. Each year the Foundation sponsors Scholarships to young Australian students in their early years of tertiary study. One of these Scholarships is being sponsored at the University of Melbourne for a final-year undergraduate student who will go on into one of the Faculty of Business and Economics two-year graduate programs.

Scholarship Flyer

Number of places

1 place available

Value of scholarship

Valued at $40,000


The Scholarship has two complementary components where the awardee receives:

  • A $40,000 scholarship, which will be provided to the University for:
    • The payment of the awardee's tuition fees and accommodation (where applicable); and
    • Payment to the awardee over the remainder of the course of study as a living allowance and for other expenses relating to the awardee's education.
  • The opportunity of an ongoing mentor relationship with a member of the Order of Australia who is eminent in the awardee's chosen field of study


The scholarship is open to students who:

  • Are Australian citizens
  • Are aged in their 20s (students in their early 30s may be considered in exceptional circumstances)
  • Are enrolled full-time as an undergraduate student within any Faculty in the University of Melbourne in 2017
  • Expect to complete their undergraduate degree in 2017
  • Will continue their studies in one of the Faculty of Business and Economics' two-year graduate programs in 2018
  • Have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement in their tertiary studies
  • Have demonstrated qualities of leadership, initiative and being involved in community affairs
  • Are able to demonstrate their need for financial assistance to benefit the completion of their course of study

Application Process

Applications for the Scholarship must be submitted on the application form, which must be completed, signed and submitted with all documentary evidence.

Selection process

The scholarship awardee will be selected on the basis of:

  • Academic achievement in tertiary studies
  • Past and current involvement in community affairs
  • Potential as future leader in their field of study and in community involvement
  • Benefit to the Australian community in future years through the scholarship award and specialist knowledge
  • Need for financial assistance to benefit the completion of their studies
  • Ability to gain significantly from the guidance of a suitably experienced mentor from the Order of Australia
  • The University Selection panel will invite shortlisted applicants for an interview in order to nominate three candidates for The National Selection Panel (NSP), who will select the recipient of the award.

Outcome of application

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to interview in January. Skype or telephone interviews may be arranged.

The successful candidate will be contacted late February.


No deferral is allowed.

Who is this for?

Undergraduate Students


If you have any further questions about this scholarship please contact us.

FBE Scholarships Team