Department of Management and Marketing Journal Publication Scholarship


The scholarships are designed to support Department of Management & Marketing research higher degree (RHD) candidates during the preparation of journal articles or books based on the thesis submitted for their RHD. Conditions of the scholarship are determined by the Department of Management & Marketing as part of its research training program.

To be eligible, students must have submitted their RHD thesis within the maximum candidature period; priority will be given to students who submitted their thesis without extensions. Approved leave periods are not included in this. The scholarship does not assist students during the writing up of their thesis for submission.

Value of scholarship

  1. The awardee will receive a maximum of $5,000 provided the preparation of texts or articles requires support for a period of two months.
  2. Payment will be made in three instalments. The first instalment of $2,500 will be effected from the day on which the award is accepted by the awardee. The awardee, in consultation with their supervisor, must provide a starting date when accepting the award. By accepting the first instalment the awardee also agrees to work for a minimum of one month.
  3. The second instalment of $1,500 will be authorised only on receipt of a progress report indicating that a substantial portion of the second month is required for preparation/completion of the manuscripts. By accepting the second instalment, the awardee also agrees to work for the full period of the second month. (The progress report must be endorsed by the supervisor and head of department.)
  4. The final payment of $1,000 will be received within the two months upon proof of submission to journal / publisher.


The scholarship is tenable for a maximum of two months. The awardee will be responsible to the head of department for work undertaken while a recipient of the journal publication scholarship.


  1. RHD students in the Department of Management & Marketing at the University of Melbourne who have signaled their intended submission date are eligible to apply. Students must have submitted their dissertations for the grant to be paid but they must not have been advised of the result of the examination.
  2. The awardee may not hold a similar award for the same purpose
  3. Awardees may not undertake full-time or substantial regular part-time employment during the tenure of the award (more than 10 hours per week is considered 'substantial regular part-time work').
  4. Length of time as an RHD candidate: for PhD students the maximum candidature period is 4 years. Applicants whose work submission date is not within the maximum candidature period will not be eligible for the Journal Publication Scholarship. Candidates must have submitted their thesis on or before their official Expected Work Submission Date as listed on the Student Portal, within the required candidature period. The candidature must not have lapsed.
  5. International students should ensure that their visa allows them to stay in the country – upon submission of their thesis they are an un-enrolled student. International students must also comply with any contractual obligations they may owe to an employer or sponsor, particularly those obligations relating to the period to be spent in their home country following completion of their studies.

Application Process


  1. A completed application form that includes a proposal from the candidate about the writing up to be undertaken during the period of the award and the journal/publisher to which the articles or books will be submitted
  2. A signed recommendation from the supervisor, co-signed by the head of department, based on an assessment of the applicant's RHD research work and the nature of the thesis material being written up for publication.
  3. A brief CV of no more than two A4 pages.
  4. Download the application form.

Please mark applications for the attention of the Chair, Department Research Committee, Department of Management & Marketing

Selection process

Criteria that will be taken into account are as follows:

  • Supervisor's report
  • Curriculum Vitae

Outcome of application

Progress Report form is available for download here


End of 1 month: the award holder must submit a progress report using the proforma template available on the Department of Management & Marketing website in order to receive the second instalment.

End of 2 months: on expiry of the grant the award holder must submit a copy of submission evidence.


If you have any further questions about this scholarship please contact us.

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