Bertalli Family Foundation Scholarships


Available through the generosity of the Bertalli Family Foundation.

The Bertalli Family Foundation Scholarships are available to assist high achieving students, who completed school in a rural or isolated area, in transitioning to living in Melbourne and tertiary study.


The scholarship is valued at approx $5,000 per annum for the duration of the course.

Each scholarship will be awarded for up to three years at a time or the normal duration of an undergraduate commerce degree.


Application Process

Students who meet the eligibility criteria will be automatically considered.

There is no separate application process.

Selection process

Selection is based on academic merit and the SEAS application providing evidence of residence in rural or isolated areas.

Selection is made based on information provided by VTAC at the time of selection. The Selection Committee will not have access to change of course preference information.


No deferral is allowed.


If you have any further questions about this scholarship please contact us.

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