Finance Honours research essays

  • Completed topics 2012

    Kwun Nin CHAN, The interactive effects of market-wide limits to arbitrage and investor sentiment on stock returns

    Brian CHITTY, Estimating the price setting behaviour of Australian banks in pricing Australian mortgages

    Jonathan GRIGG, Private placement returns to participating and non-participating shareholders

    JingJing HU, How do the entrepreneurs trade around the IPO

    Xinyi HUANG, The impact of imposing value-at-risk regulation on reducing agency costs

    Chuxin HUANG, Analyst portfolio set size and profitability of analyst recommendations

    Matthew KIDD, Investigating the disappearance of the toehold

    Wen Hoong KOAY, Pairs-trading with ETFs: A co-integration approach

    Xiao-Ping (Mack) LI, Cash holdings, leverage and its impact on firms' market share during the global financial crisis

    Jia Jiun LIEW, Managerial reputation and risk-taking: Gambling on acquisition

    Ming De LIM, The role of directors' social networks during the 2007-2008 financial crisis: Evidence from US financial firms

    MingHui LIM, Examining regulation effects on corporate governance and firm performance: Singapore evidence

    Xinyang Eric LU, Insider trading in Australia: The impact of the global financial crisis and market's reaction to stealth trading and late reporting

    Yuyang MAO, Underpricing of second-time IPOs: When withdrawn IPOs return

    Andrej MATARUGA, The information content of option markets: Evidence from the Global Financial Crisis

    Kevin MEI, The effect of blockholders on firm value: Subsequent ownership changes

    Casey MROCKI, Two strikes and you're out: Are shareholders' interests enhanced by the two-strike rule?

    Ngoc Thang NGUYEN, Institutional invesstors and acquiring firms' CEO compensation after merger and acquisition

    Jia Tian Cindy PHUA, The competitive effects of seasoned equity offerings

    Cheng QIU, What's the bright side of natural disasters - better forecast ability: Empirical study of Nikkei 225 index

    Kishan RATNAM, Idiosyncratic risk: The pricing of expected and unexpected idiosyncratic volatility in the cross-section of Australian equity returns

    Minjie SHI, Role of media exposure on firm's cost of borrowing and leverage ratio

    Wei Ying SOH, Inside debt and the maturity structure of corporate debt

    Qing SU, The effects of introducing the resource rent tax on mining firms in Australia

    Zheren Tracey SUN, Chinese reverse merger: Motivations and consequences

    Hua Derrick TAN, Does the level of VC involvement affect investors' returns?

    Matthew WAJNGARTEN, Price discovery in the Australian Stock Market post the arrival of Chi-X

    YiDan WU, The interaction between independent directors and institutional shareholders in shaping CEO compensation

    Dawei XU, Ownership structure and dividend policy: Evidence from Hong Kong

    Mengchen YANG, Why are you paying so much? An analysis of abnormally high target termination fee provisions in M&A

    Michelle YII, CEO gender differences in risk aversion and the cost of debt

    Youwan ZHANG, Relationship between outside directors' compensation and information disclosure

    Yudong ZHENG, The impact of CSR on corporate financial performance: A comparison between periods before and after SOX

    Zhengzheng ZUO, Divestitures through spin-off and equity carve-out: An earnings management perspective

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  • Completed topics 2011

    Zong Hsien AW, Analysis of international diversification benefits: An Australian perspective

    Michael Kevin BYRNE, Shopping when hungry - failed bids and subsequent takeover attempts

    Joe CHAN, Don't do it -  reverse mergers revisited

    Kwok Liang CHANG, Default strategy of Australian superannuation funds

    Shaun COLLARD, Surprise interest rate movements and Australian industry stock portfolios

    Huw CRITCHLEY, The effect of institutional factors on the term structure of Australian commonwealth government bonds

    Yonatan CUKIERMAN, The effects of political uncertainty on stock prices

    Chuan David GAO, Time varying short horizon return predictability: Australian evidence

    Weifan GAO, A comparison between the performance of cross-border and domestic mergers and acquisitions: Evidence from Australian acquirers

    Titus Edward GOH, Investor sentiment and cross-sectional predictability in the Australian stock market

    Divya GOYAL, Does mud stick? Evidence from the labour market for corporate directors

    Zachary HAINES, Economic consequences of proposed changes to the UK takeover code

    Ryan Dong Ho HAN, Asset return predictability and investment horizon effect on risk: Australian evidence

    Michael HARUT, Nobody knows you when you're down and out: Testing information diffusion and analyst abandonment in Australia

    Magan HASSAN, Selective hedging in the Australian gold mining sector

    Matthew HOCH, Classic cars: Price determinants and investment charactersitics

    Samuel JAPARY, A test of Benjamin Graham's value investing strategies: The case of the Australian market

    Edward LIEW, Testing a strategic role of debt in financing takeovers

    Steve Cheng  LIU, Which is a better proxy for predicting volatility? A comparison of traditional measures and the range-based volatility: Evidence from Australia-US cross-listed firms

    William Fong LU, Effect of banking market concentration and competition on banking risk

    Jennifer LUI, The superior aftermarket performance of private equity-backed IPOs and its underlying drivers

    William MacNAE, Domestic replication of foreign equity market returns

    Aaron MAZUR, The sensitivity of optimal dynamic portfolios to parameter uncertainty and other factors

    Brayden McCORMACK, Cash holdings and industry growth prospects

    Stefan MENSSINK, Information processing and expectations in unstable environments

    Shaoqing Louise, QI An empircal investigation of business cycle's impacts on post-takeover returns: Can recessions be good for acquiring company equity holders?

    Nira SONAH, Does a Florida freeze increase orange juice price volatility?

    Joshua TAN, Market reaction to substitute methods of making one-time cash distributions

    Wei Yang Kelvin TAN, Mix evidence? An empirical test on the pecking order and market timing theory of capital structure when they disagree

    Li Wynn TAN, The impact of industry environment on the announcement returns from divestitures: Evidence from Australia

    Shiyun TANG, Why do firms hold cash? An empirical analysis of corporate cash holdings in Australia

    Adrian Hsing TAY, Liquidity risk: Re-examining post-SEO (under) performance

    Kin-On THAM, Multiple acquirers in merger waves

    James WATSON, Markets or models? The forecasting and measurement of bank risk in Australia

    Yanghui WU, The user cost of housing in Australia: Further evidence

    Xia WU, Determinants of cash holdings and the value of cash in Australia

    Mengdan XIE, What determines shareholder value in the Australian banking sector?

    Catherine Zekun XU, Covenant violation, changes in governance, firm investment and risk

    Lulu ZHU, The value of cash after 2008 global financial crisis

    Yun ZHU, The impact of state foreclosure laws on the residential mortgage lending

  • Completed topics 2010

    Xiang CAI, Ultimate Controller and Corporate Performance: Empirical Investigation of Chinese Listed Companies

    Bella Sheung Yu CHAN, Executive Pay, Bank Performance and Risk: An Australian Study

    Yun-Jiao CHEN, Do IPO Stocks Really Underperform? An Alternative Benchmark Approach

    Nandita Marisa D’SOUZA, The Effects of Deregulation on an IPO Firm’s Acquisitions

    Xinyao Bryce GAO, Does the background of CEOs matter? Evidence from Australia

    Felix GOZALI, Venture Backed IPOs in the Dotcom Bubble

    Claire HEEPS, Approaches to Microfinance: On what basis do Donors Allocate Capital?

    Donovan JASPER, Institutional Shareholders and Earnings Management in the Australian Market

    Tae Hyun Albert KIM, Bank Lines of Credit and Corporate Governance: An Empirical Analysis

    JiaRui LI, An Empirical Investigation into CEO Compensation from M & As

    Per MEGURO GULLBERG, The Announcement Effect of Rights Issues and Equity during a Financial Crisis: Evidence from Australia

    Cheng Han NG, Primary and scrap metal casualty

    Cheng Xun NG, The Asset Growth Effect on the Market Timing Theory and the Impact of Reacquisitions on the Performance of Withdrawn Bidders.

    Joshua NG, The Interaction Between Firms’ Product Market Competition and Financing Strategies: The Role of Debt Maturity Choice

    Kriss PACHAURI, What is the earnings management response of targets subject to friendly equity-financed acquisitions?

    Nicholas RIPPER, Deconstructing the Hedging Premium: The ‘True’ Value of Commodity Risk Management

    Christopher SCHODDE, Fact of fiction: Generating Abnormal Returns from Newspaper Stock Recommendations in Australia

    Sivanesh SIVARAJAN, Market Assumptions about Governments as Investors: An empirical study of Government-controlled Financial Acquirer investment announcement effects of valuation

    Douglas Yee Yao TAN, The Signalling Effect of Dividends and the Global Financial Crisis: Has the market changed the way it perceives dividend announcements as a result of the Global Financial Crisis of 2008?

    Matthew TUNSTILL, Convenience Yields in the European Emission Trading Scheme: Are they just hot air?

    Yao Wilson WANG, An Empirical Investigation of the Post-Merger Performance of Special Purpose Acquisition Companies

    Anna ZHANG, The Market Reaction to the Prolonged Short Selling Ban in Australia

    Mengyu ZHOU, An Investigation into the Performance of Dynamic Macro-Hedging

    Xin ZHOU, Australia CEO’s risk-taking behaviours and the GFC

  • Completed topics 2009

    Yoon Sang BAE, What determines Capital Structure: Firm-and-Country-Specific factors; Evidence from Asia Pacific region.

    Christopher David BURTON, The Accuracy and Bias of Equity Analysts

    Melissa Yue CHIN, Investigating the Impact of Contracts For Difference on Option Expiration-day Effects

    Woosung Edward CHOI, The empirical examination on the association between analyst reputation and the investment value of recommendations in Australia

    Lee James CROSSINGHAM, The Temporal Stability of Swap Spread Determinants

    Max Otto ECROYD, Cost Drivers In Australian Fund Management: Survey Evidence

    Matthew James FIDGE, Transmission of returns and volatility across international real estate securities markets: A multivariate GARCH approach

    Lucas James GODFREY, An Increasingly Risky Allocation: The Australian Managed Fund Industry 1988-2009

    Ozcan HASSAN, Testing for an optimal mine life in the gold sector

    Choy Yeing HO, Tax-Induced Trading around Important Dates for Off-Market Share Buybacks in Australia

    Ying Yi HO, Regulatory Uncertainty and its Effect on Market Reactions to Rate Case Decisions

    Yi-Sheng HO, Investor reactions to CEO race and gender: an examination of CEO appointment announcements

    Erling Haugan KISE, Efficiency in the Online Sports Betting Market: Evidence from the 2008/2009 FA Premier League

    Ling LI, Human Capital Costs of Bankruptcy, Unemployment and Firm Leverage

    Richard Xin LIM, 52 Week High Momentum in the Chinese Stock Market

    Wei Fen LIM, Who is Afraid of Shareholders? An Empirical Analysis of the SEC’s Proposed Rule Facilitating Shareholder Director Nominations

    Adam Nickolas LOIZOU, Credit Ratings and CEO Compensation: Do CEO’s Require Danger Money

    Matthew James MILLER, Supplier Return Behaviour after Major Customer Shocks

    Ian Cameron MITCHELL, Information Content of Convertible Debt Contract Design

    Timothy Dale MONAHAN, How effective are electricity futures in hedging electricity price risk? An investigation into the PJM Interconnection

    Hung Ki Keith PANG, Investor Sentiment and Stock Returns: Australian Evidence

    Matthew PAWLUK, Maritime shipping costs and Australian industry equity returns

    Andrew Run TAN, Can the Purchasing Power of Major Oil Exporting Countries’ Exchange Rates Predict Oil Prices?

    Yi Faye TAN, Information Asymmetry and its Effect on Underpricing in Reverse Leveraged Buyouts

    Dominic Timothy TAYLOR, Under the hammer: Financial returns & price determinants of the Aboriginal art auction market and its role as an alternative asset

    Adrian TOO, What makes barbarians hungry? A study into the relationship between target firm characteristics and transactional pricing behaviour amongst leveraged buyouts

    Daniel Ivo VERBLUN, To resume or not to resume? The information content of insider trades around dividend omissions

    Yue WANG, Institutional Ownership and Overinvestment

    Zai Liang Liam WANG, Who buys whom? A study of the market to book ratio differential between bidders and targets in Australia

    Liang YU, Firm Performance, Board of Directors in China’s Split Share Structure Reform

    Li-Ren YU, A theoretical investigation into the price & liquidity discover roles played by stockmarket preopening periods in the possible presence of manipulation

  • Completed topics 2008

    Macarius BUCCELLATO, Partially Protected Shares. Are They Correctly Priced?

    Lanny CHANDRA, The Effects of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act on the Use of Anti-Takeover Provisions in IPO Firms

    Jiahao CHEN, Investor Demand for Dual-listed IPOs and Aftermarket Performance

    Raymond Po-Sing CHOO, Value Price Ratios: A Portfolio Approach to Returns Predictability

    Wong Yuen CHOW, Candlesticks in Emerging and Developed Futures Markets: Are Two-day Reversal Patterns Predictable and Profitable?

    Chamath DE SILVA, Special Purpose Acquisition Companies: Valuing a Blank Check

    Xavier Gerard EID, The Profitability and Characteristics of Merger Arbitrage in an Australian Setting

    Yen Min GOH, The Accuracy and Robustness of Real Estate Price Index Methods

    Sasha Shirley GU, Do Australian banks benefit from Revenue Diversification

    Ta-Loong Lyndon HENG, Information Asymmetry and Adverse Selection in Acquisition Markets: The Role of IPO-based Signals and Advisor Reputation

    Sarah Amanda HEWER, An Investigation into Private Equity Consortiums

    Stephanus HIERONYMUS, The Impact of Cross Delisting on Security Prices and the Cost of Equity

    Wenqing Wendy HU, The Impact of Merger Activity on Executive Compensation of Acquiring Firms

    Weiliang JIANG, Testing and Comparing Stock Returns Predictability between Dividend Yield Ratio and Total Payout Ratio: The Australian Evidence

    Wei Min Edwin KOH, The Long Run Performance of Off-Market Share Buybacks

    Jason KORMAN, Underpricing in Private Equity Backed IPOs

    Adhi LAKSMANAPUTRA, The Analysis of Cross-Market Dynamics between Gold and Platinum Futures : Evidence from the Toyko Commodity Exchange

    Mo Wen LI, Does Hedging Create Value for the Australian Oil and Gas Companies? Evidence from Australian Major Oil and Gas Producers

    Fei Zhi LIU, Capital Structure and Managerial Overconfidence

    Yi Ling Michelle Joy LOW, Value at Risk of Stock Portfolios: A Practical Alternative to RiskMetrics

    Wei Chiang Jason NG, The Effects of Privatisation Activity and Country Risk on Emerging Stock Market Development

    James A NUNN, Stock Market-Driven Acquisitions in Australia

    Grace Ching Zhen PHANG, Taxes and the Early Exercise of Call Options: Australian Evidence

    Daniel SELIOUTINE, A Solution to the Overinvestment Problem Intrinsic to Overconfident Managers

    Mitheran SELVENDRAN, Are There Still Benefits from International Diversification? – The Australian Perspective

    Wen Ming TAN, The Predicative Power of Australian Morningstar Ratings: Do Morningstar’s “5 star” Rated Funds Offer Greater Net Returns Persistently?

    Yu Ki Eric TONG, The Relation Between B/M, Irreversibility and Return: An Explanation of Value Premium

    Andrew David TRUMBLE, Options Backdating in Australia

    Yun Jung TSAI, The Impact of Increased Derivative Concentration at US Commercial Banks upon the US Financial Sector Risk

    Choon Kit Billy WONG, Corruption: Is it Really Bad for Business?

    Patrick Boyd WYATT, Dividend in Australia: An Historic Perspective

    Jessica XU, The Superior Information and Forecast Ability of Reputable Analysts’ Bold Forecasts over other Forecasts

    Yun ZHANG, The impact of Oil Price Shocks on the Stock Returns of Oil Supply Chain Industries

    Jian Winter ZHAO, Does Option-based Compensation Promote Bank Risk?

    Kai ZHOU, Does market liquidity explain asset pricing? – An investigation through the Chinese discount puzzle

  • Completed topics 2007

    Robert BELL, Style Switching within the S&P 100

    Silvia BORZINI, Re-examining the Dual Listed Company Anomaly - A Case Study of BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto

    Samuel FELMAN, The Applicability of Fundamental Indexation to the Australia's Banking Sector

    Dermot GRIFFIN, Post-bid performance of Takeover Targets Following Withdrawn Bids: Australian Evidence 1990-2004

    Kim Seng HO, Homogeneity of the Size Effect Across Industries

    Dane KENNEDY, Has Private Equity Changed? Targets of US Leveraged Buyouts in the 1980s and Today

    Martin KENNEDY, An Option-Based Re-Investigation of Announcement Period Returns and Signals for Australian Tender Offers

    Ashwin KHOTKAR, The Listing of Foreign Firms - The Case of London's AIM

    Che Kiat (Diana) LAW, The Influence of Institutional Ownership Composition on the Liquidity Impact of Stock Splits: An Australian Event Study

    James LEARNER, Index Returns and the Australian Business Cycle: The Impact on Diversification

    Yinan LI, Natural Rubber and Crude Oil Futures on Tokyo Commodity Futures Markets: Cross Market Return-Volume Relation

    Xing LIU, Testing the Stock Return Predictability by Debt to Equity Ratio through the Boferroni Q-test

    Yik Choong LOH, An Adjusted Lintner Model for 21st Century Australia

    Andrew McCUSKER, Multiple Choice? An Industry Level Analysis of Relative Valuation using Multiples

    Mila MINDOVA, Effects of Gold Price Hedging on Firm Value in the Australian Gold Mining Industry

    Ashley NASIAKOS, The Performance of PIN around Earnings Announcements: Australian Evidence

    Daniel NORMAN, Predicting the Share Repurchase Behaviour of Australian Corporations

    Monica OCTAVIA, Determinants of Bank Capital Structure in Developing Countries: Regulatory Capital Requirement Versus the Standard Determinants of Capital Structure

    SU-Huey (Stephanie) ONG, Intermediaries in the IPO Process and their Impact on Underpricing: What do Investment Banks Truly bring to the Table?

    Jia Ning PHUA, Securitisation of Higher Education

    Jonathon PLATT, Superannuation: How Saving for the Future Affects the ASX

    Diana SARI, Examining the Effect of the G-Index on Firm's Leverage: A Corporate Governance Study

    Michael SMOLYANSKY, Cash Financed Acquisitions: The Source of Funds and Acquirer Returns

    Sheehan TAN, Correlations Around the Turn-of-the-Year

    Ken WONG, The Effect of Non-Executive Financial Directors on Firms' Financial Decisions

    Li XIE, Operating efficiencies of Chinese Commercial Banks: An Empirical Investigation

    Min YU, Do Takeover Targes Underperform their Competitors? Evidence from Australia on Market Takeovers

    Bo ZHANG, Worldwide Equity Market Integration: A Sector by Sector Analysis

    Qian ZHANG, A Valuation-Based Test of Equity Market Timing

  • Completed topics 2006

    Tze Chuan ANG , A Multifactor Model of Australian Resource Stock Returns

    Nathan ANTONUCCI , Equity Market Integration in the Asia-Pacific Region

    Joshua BLAKEY , A Dynamic Analysis of Correlation in Collateralized Debt Obligation Tranches

    Matthew BORG , Earnings Management, Acquisitions and Long-Term Shareholder Returns

    Kai Jia (Marie) CHANG , Taking a Walk around the Boutiques: A Study on Non-traditional Property Trusts

    Rasmus CHRISTENSEN , Option Market Microstructure: The Effect of Re-Denomination on the Options Market

    Charng Yen CHUAH , Conditional Heteroskedasticity in the S&P/ASX 200 Index Returns: A GARCH Approach

    Sabriyah DENHAM , Warranting Attention: A Retrospective Study of Endowment Warrants

    Sean FILMER , The Realised and Implied Volatility Relationship with the Options on SFE SPI 200 Futures

    Eugene FUNG , Negative Cash Flows: More Insight into the Effects of Financial Constraints on Cash Flow Sensitivities

    Jonathon GAUNTLETT , The Profitability of Combined Momentum Strategies

    Jay Jie HUANG , The Dynamic Interaction between Compensation Flows and Long-term Firm Performance: The Case of Acquiring Firms

    Zhen Tian HUANG , The Effects of Financial Constraints on Corporate Investment Decisions and Demand for Liquidity: Evidence from Japan

    Hung Wa HUI , Wilkins What is the Motive for Venture Capital Syndication? A Re-Examination of the Project Selection and Value-Added Hypothesis

    Felix KUSWANTO , The Influence of Executive Stock Options on Multiple On-Market Share Buyback Programs: Australian Evidence

    Ka Li LAW , An Examination of the Implementation of the Heston Stochastic Volatility Option Pricing Model

    Peng Han LEE , Asian Financial Crisis: A Study of Momentum Trading Strategy

    Yan Bin (Kathy) LI , A Time-Series Study of Size and Book-to-Market Factors on US Corporate Bond Returns

    Zhu LIU , Announcement Effect of International Dual Listing. A Study of Australian Companies Listed on the Alternative Investment Market

    Matthew LUCAS , Underwriter Characteristics and Initial Return Predictability in Large Australian IPO’s

    Stuart LUELF , Corporate Bond Spreads and Observed Liquidity: An Alternative to Conventional Liquidity Proxies

    Kriti MADAN , Valuing Generator Notes: An Application of A Current Industry Methodology

    Nicole MILNER , Corporate Governance Mechanisms and the Cost of Equity in Australia

    An NGUYEN, The Regulation of Superannuation

    Rebecca PITT , The Effect of RBA Target Cash Rate Announcements on Financial Institution Stock Returns

    Katherine POW , Analyst Recommendations and Failing Firms: Are Analysts Biased?

    Matthew RYAN , Contagion and Competitive Effects of Analyst Recommendation Changes: Stock Pairs in the ASX 200 and Analysts’ Influence on the Stock’s TWIN

    Adam SAUNDERS , Small Bank Case Study: A Real Options Approach to Valuing an Investment in a Basel II-Compliant Advanced Risk Management System

    Matthew SIBBISON , Demand Based Index Option Pricing: Examination of a New Dataset

    Danny TAN , Risk Neutral Default Probabilities Modelled from Equity and Corporate Bond Yields

    Jared TAYLOR , The Announcement of a Share Buyback and the Market Under-reaction: Evidence in Australia

    Jeremy THIA , Are Share Buybacks Used as a Means of Managing Earnings? An Australian Study

    Mark TURNER , Motives and Incentives for Target Firms: An Investigation into the Role of Valuation, CEO Ownership, Boards and Blockholders

    Jie WAN , Analyst Forecast Accuracy: Do Ability, Resource, and Portfolio Complexity Matter? Evidence from Australia

    Edward WATERS , Insider Trading and the Profitability of Australian Directors’ Trades in their Own Companies

    Rui Qing WEN , Stephanie How Do Board Structures Influence the Post-Issue Performance in Australian IPO Firms?

    Andison WINARTO , An Investigation of Applying Splines onto Australian Corporate Bond Credit Spread

    WIRAWATI , The Impact of Debt Market Timing on Capital Structure

    Ju Kuong WONG , The Informational Content of the S&P 500 Index Options and Interrelation between the Volatility Series

    Xin XIE , Tests of Stock Returns Predictability with Dividend Initiation Ratios: Australian Evidence

    Wei Yang XU , An Investigation into the Influences of Banking Regulations and Legal Environments on Capital Market Efficiency

    James ZHANG , The Study of Liquidity and Signalling Following Security Splits on the ASX

    Ying ZHANG , An Investigation of the Investment and Hedging Properties of Commodity Futures Index. Australian Evidence

    Yinan ZHAO , Does Australian Low Residential Default Make Sense? Option Pricing of Mortgage Default in Australia

    Amy ZHU , The Implications of Information Leakage for the Choice of M&A Advisor



  • Completed topics 2005

    John AGAR , Earnings Quality, Unexpected Volume and Opinion Divergence: A Study of Post-earnings Announcement Drift

    Cameron ALLAN , The Effect of Acquisition Strategies on Earnings Growth

    Regina Sari BASUKI , An Investigation of the Determinants of Risk Exposures in Australian Gold-mining Industry

    James BEAUMONT , Empirical Evidence Regarding the Significance of Idiosyncratic Risk on Australian Equity Returns

    Matt BOYLE , Stockholder Reactions to CEO Successions in Large Australian Companies

    Xiao CAO , The Implications of Delisting Bias for the Size Effect and the January Effect in CRSP’s Nasdaq Data

    Xilu (Nancy) CHEN , Determinants of the Choice of Payment Method: Comparing Australian and Japanese Mergers and Acquisitions

    Yen Chu CHOO , Intra-industry Information Transfers in the Australian Banking Sector

    James CROWLEY , The Sensitivity of Australian Banking Stocks to Interest Rate and Foreign Exchange Risks: An Event Study Approach

    Jessica CURTIS , A An Investigation of Break Fees in Australian Mergers

    Andrew DAGLEY , Australian Initial Public Offering Mispricing and Underwriter Market Share and Competition

    Ashkan EIMANY , Linear and Nonlinear Exchange Rate Determination using Fundamentals: Evidence from Australia

    James FIDLER , Home Bias in Australian Equity Portfolios and Information Asymmetry Effects

    Guy FISHER , Is the Dow Jones Predictable?

    Harry HONG , The Effect of Media Commentaries on Mergers

    Brendan HOUNG , Chih-ha Bid Ask Spread Cost Components and Dual-listed Companies: Rio Tinto, BHP and Brambles

    Nge Kong LAI , 52-Week High Momentum in International Indices

    Wendy PANG , Marching to a Different Drum: Initial Public Offerings of ASX Listed Property Trusts

    Tricia QUEK , The Role of Analyst Recommendations in Mergers and Acquisitions in Australia

    Neha RAO , The Impact of Australia’s Recent Corporate Governance Initiatives on Shareholder Wealth: Evidence from Mergers and Acquisitions

    David SAKTI , Markov Chain Monte Carlo Simulations of Nonparametric Models of the Australian Short Rate and the Market Price of Interest Rate Risk: An Empirical Study

    Gerson SALDANHA , Hedging, Speculating and price Volatility in Commodity Futures Markets

    Zuoxin SEAH , Jason 52-Week High Momentum Profits: A Transaction-Costs Based Analysis

    Minda SHI , Capital Investment, Tobin’s Q and Stock Market Mispricing – Evidence from Chinese A-B Share Premium

    Chia Mei Keiretsu SHIH , Membership, Market Timing and Capital Structure

    Stefanie TANUWIDJAJA , Should Terrorism Risk Insurance Act of 2002 be Renewed? An Event Study Approach

    Daniel TAYLOR , Who Really Wins in Stock Market Driven Acquisitions?

    Aaron TIANG , The Effect of Ownership Structure on Firm Payout Policy: An Empirical Analysis of Australian Firms

    Robert TSERIOTIS , An Examination of pricing Dynamics in Housing Markets using Factor Volatilities: Evidence from Sydney

    Philip VERRROCCHI , Stock Price Response of Rivals of Takeover Targets and the Source of these Returns

    Inggrid YAUWALUDDIN , The Effect of Female Directors on Firm Performance and Risk: An Australia Evidence

    Wei ZHANG , Market Sentiment, Divergence of Opinion and Stock Returns

    Leyi ZHU , Relative Valuation and Stock Return

  • Completed topics 2004

    David BICKNELL, Operating performance of rights – issuing firms: an alternative analysis of the new issues puzzle.

    William BROUGHTON, Co-movement. An empirical analysis of S&P/ASX 200 additions/deletions using a model incorporating behavioural biases.

    Jack CHAU, An examination of a mixture of lognormal densities as implied risk-neutral distributions.

    Andrea CLIFFORD, The optimal bounds of price earnings ratios.

    Nick CONSIGLIO, Share repurchases in Australia: a comparison of two groups.

    Andrew CRAMER, Venture capital certification in initial public offerings: Australian evidence.

    Ryan GAVIN, Stealth trading: testing for evidence prior to takeover announcements in the Australian equity market.

    Anna GRIFFITHS, Do venture capitalists imitate portfolio size?

    Ju H’NG, Credit spread dynamics in the Australian corporate bond market.

    Matthew HAZELDINE, Applying case-based decision theory to establish predictability in intraday order submission strategy.

    Andrew HO, Excess co-movement in the returns of a firm and the industry in which it is classified.

    Cheng LAI, Can profit margin, asset turnover and value-price ratios predict returns?

    Jeannette LEE, A risky proposition: an empirical investigation into the credit risk impact of the proposed maximum priority of employee entitlements.

    Kok Wen LOONG, Liquidity effects of the introduction of single stock futures on the underlying US stocks.

    Domenic MALVASO, Risk versus value: an investigation into the role of value factors in a Fama and French asset pricing context for the Australian equity market.

    Sarah McCARTHY, Liquidity in Australian equity markets: an investigation of the components that explain the liquidity premium.

    Joshua MENDOZA, Australian corporate governance: evidence from CEO turnover after acquisitions.

    Jason MURPHY, The persistence of growth and predictability of long-term growth rates.

    David NAUGHTIN, Executive stock options and corporate performance: Australian evidence.

    Bee Choo NG, The impact of broker recommendation changes on stock prices in Australia.

    William O’DAY, Are firms substituting share repurchases for dividends? Australian evidence.

    Michael PIANTA, The long-term profitability of the large mergers in Australia (1990-2003).

    Neal SARMA, The effect of CEO overconfidence on corporate acquisitiveness and corporate investment distortions.

    Andrew SAUNDERSON, Commonality in liquidity. An empirical investigation using the Australia Stock Exchange.

    Anthony STAFFORD, Portfolio selection: incorporating sentiment and value (appendix B – program attachment).

    Cheow Han TAN, Relative valuation and the contrarian investment strategy.

    Tek Jun TAN, An empirical essay into investment sensitivities in Australia using panel data.

    Sarah TSAO, The earnings announcement drift: what has sales got to do with it?

    Andrew WALTON, Plugging a hole in Black-Scholes: option pricing using Heston’s Stochastic Volatility model.

    Scarlett WANG, Co-movement and its implication on diversification.

    Kieran WHITTY, Nonparametric modelling of Australian short interest rate dynamics: an empirical study.

    Thomas WU, Australian seasoned equity officer: a comparative study of private placements and rights issues.

    Xiaosi ZHOU, Corporate diversification and firm value: evidence from Australia – Tobin’s q approach.

  • Completed topics 2003

    Felicity Chan, Probability of Acquisition Success, Takeover Uncertainty and Bidder Stock Price Volatility

    Anita Chow, Mispricing and the Probability of the Payment Method and other Takeover Characteristics

    Carolina Contreras Duque, Macroeconomic News and Australian Listed Property Trusts

    Michael Cotton, An investigation employing uncertainty to explain the time-varying relationship between stock and bond returns in the Australian market

    Adrian Dark, An information-based model of momentum

    Michael Doyle, Low Exercise Price Options and Individual Share Futures: tests of relative mispricing in the Australian derivatives market

    Craig Dreyer, Market Under-reaction to Company Issued Profit Warnings

    Fleur Edwards, Attributes of Small Businesses and their Role in Obtaining Equity

    Katrina Efthim, The Effect of Taxation on Equal Access Buy Backs in Australia

    Adrian Ho, Why do some Privatised Firms Fail?

    James Hou, The Impact of the Sumitomo Crisis on the Intermarket Dynamics of the Copper Price and the Role of Traders

    Paul Huang, Momentum Strategies and the Business Cycle: Evidence from Australia

    Adam Jane, Listed Property Trusts Laying Down the Foundation for an Expansion

    Siddharth Khotkar, Applying Case-Based Decision Theory to the determination of initial bid-premia in Mergers and Acquisitions

    Brigid King, Charging backwards, stumbling onwards: An assessment of the regulatory framework for calculating the market risk capital charge for Australian banks.

    Charles Koo, The Performance of Synthetic Put Portfolio Insurance in Australia

    Madeline La, Independence and Hostility: the Effects on Shareholders Wealth

    Tony Lee, An empirical investigation into the structure of pre-emptive takeover bids

    Stephen Lou, Price discovery in the market for Global Registered Shares: A clinical study

    Isabella Luan, The Impact of Share Buybacks on the Long-Term Operating Performance of Australian Firms

    James Ma, Pasminco: Mistake or Misfortune?

    Stuart Manson, The Comovement of Stocks Within Industry Sectors

    Patrick McGlenchy, Dynamic Stock Index Hedging: the optimal breakpoint method

    Ignatius Monoang, Is Failure of Takeover Attempts Good News for Shareholders? An Analysis of Returns in Success and Withdrawn Takeover Attempts

    Abhilash Mudaliar, The Explanatory Power of Country Risk - An investigation into the explanatory power of country-risk factors on stock market return and volatility performance across 45 nations

    Vera Na Ranong, Australian Bank Capital Management - Optimising the Regulatory Ratio

    Thomas O'Mara, The Interaction Between Political Risk Premia and Economic Innovations in the Australian Market

    Soon-Seng Pang, Finding Relatedness and Time to Synergy

    Adrian Poon, ‘Buzz Word’ of ‘Bust Word’ – An Empirical Examination of the Australian Corporate Governance Environment

    Daniel Pullen, The Index Effect: An Investigation of the Price and Volume Effects Surrounding Changes to the S&P Australian Indices

    Chien Tan, Does the Australian Stock Market go on a Holiday when the US Stock Market Closes?

    Fiona Tan, The Value Relevance and Informativeness of Taxable Income

    Justin Turnley, An Empirical Investigation of Stock Volatility –The Return Residual at a Firm, Industry and Market Level

    Thomas Woolley, An Empirical Investigation of Incorporating Mean Reversion in a P/E Ratio Trading Strategy

    Gerry Zhao, How do Options Feel after Extreme Share Price Movements? Testing a Behavioural Explanation of the Implied Volatility Smile in Stock

  • Completed topics 2002

    Jeevaka Abeyasinghe, An Investigation into Value-Price Predictability and the Formation of Portfolios that Generate Superior Risk Adjusted Returns

    Stuart Beer, Modifying the residual income valuation model for Australian accounting standards

    Kamun Cheong, The effectiveness of central bank intervention in the foreign exchange market: evidence from Australia

    Jason Chew, The effect of foreign ownership on shareholder value

    Estyn Chung, The link between institutional ownership and dividend policy: Australian evidence

    Mark Chung, In search of intrinsic value: mean reversion and predictability in valuation ratios

    Rami De Marchi, Isolating mutual fund manager skill

    Amanda Goh, When are real options exercised? An empirical study of Australian gold mine closings

    Simon Goldman, Investor overconfidence and overreaction to R&D announcements by listed Australian biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies

    George Goudas, Macroeconomic news and the source of equity market linkages between Australian and the US

    Tariq Haque, Evaluating the performance of Australian-based equity funds using time-varying alphas and betas

    Kevin Hee, The effects of consideration structure and bid characteristics on acquirer returns in takeovers of private versus public firms

    Luke Ho, Anticipation of index funds trading in response to the inclusion of newly listed securities on the all ordinaries index

    Jack Hoi, Style in Australia. An empirical exploration of investment style consistency in the wholesale Australian share fund market

    Brendan John, Analysis of the effect of warrant expiration on the underlying stock

    Glenn Johnstone, Reset preference shares. Capital structure implications, pricing and empirical analysis

    Peter Kalogeratos, Chaos and the logistic equation applied to foreign exchange rates

    Martin Krauskopf, Investigating the presence of audit permia in share prices: the demise of Arthur Andersen and its effect on market returns

    Boon Hui Lee, An examination of cash management trusts (CMTs) performance

    Jason Lew, Shareholder wealth effects of private placements: evidence from Australia

    Robert Lin, The long run performance of equity-issuing international cross-listings

    Leo Lovius, Putting the market on the market: why are stock exchanges demutualising?

    Nicholas Michaelides, Predicting returns amidst high volatility

    Pauline Nguyen, An empirical investigation of abnormal trading volume and abnormal open interest around earnings announcements in the ASX options market

    Mary O'Connor, Do short-run and long-run demand curves of equity slope down?: analysis of the price and volume effects around the free float of the S&P/ASX200 index

    Jon Oh, Option-adjusted credit spreads of floating rate notes: an empirical investigation

    Panagiotis Papadakos, Senior-management turnovers: new Australian evidence

    Dubravko Penyalow, The Valuation Effects of ASX Corporate Name Changes

    Junie Pong, Do hostile takeovers affect performance? An analysis of the effects on shareholder wealth and operating performance

    Daniel Romano, The effects of short selling restrictions on dynamic hedging using futures contracts

    Shefali Saldanha, An investigation of momentum trading strategies in the Australian market

    Leap Sok, Empirical tests of market underreaction to Australian on-market share buybacks

    Mervin Song, Tax arbitrage? The difference in the ex-dividend drop-offs of Australian stocks and their ADRs with the impact of the 45-day rule

    Sashikala Sri Kantha, An empirical investigation of tradeoff and pecking order predications about dividends and debt: Australian evidence

    Martin Stavrev, The payoff to a white knight

    Olga Sviatochevski, Stress testing of superannuation portfolios

    Clifford Wong, Are Australian investors possessed by the disposition effect? A contemporary volume analysis

    Yii Hui Wong, Carve-outs, corporate focus and management compensation – an examination of the long-term returns and operating performance of the carve-out

    James Wright, An empirical analysis of returns to small investors from trading on publicly available information

    Soon Chin Yeoh, Risk arbitrage returns and spreads in Australia

  • Completed topics 2001

    Ivailo Arsov, Contingent Claims Analysis of Deferred HECS Liabilities.

    Lin Yi Bi, Individual Trading Volume Lead/Lag Relations between the ASX and ASX Option Market for Eight Selected Stocks.

    Ally Bonakdar, Corporate Diversification and Effect on Firm Value.

    Jeremy Bostock, How do Australian Equity Values Change Due to the Offer of Convertible Notes?

    Terence Chang, The Information Content of Special Dividends: Australian Evidence.

    Stuart Connell, Valuation of Petroleum Reserves: A Real Options Approach.

    Sophearom En, Nonlinear Dynamics, Chaos and Predictability in the Australian Stock Market.

    Jonathan Garland, The Divergence and Credit Ratings Effects of Spin-Offs.

    Hayden Gaunt, Under and Overreaction to Market Signals: Implied Terminal Values and Consensus Forecasts.

    Tom Grzyb, Internet Firms: Back to Fundamentals?

    Frank Heckes, The Graveyard in the Sky: A Behavioural Inquiry into the Existence, Formation, and Persistence of Price Barriers.

    Edwina Ip, Intra-Industry Effects of Cross-Border Acquisitions in Australia.

    Thomas Irvine, An Empirical Investigation into the Impact of Online Trading Upon Stock Price Dynamics.

    Charlie Jung, Dividend Reinvestment Plans and their Impacts on Shareholder Wealth.

    Michael Kelly, Income Securities: Yield Spreads, Pricing and the Impact of Regulation.

    Chern Ling Kok, Firm Characteristics, Dividend Increases and On-Market Share Buybacks: New Australian Evidence.

    James Lord, An Investigation into the Employment of Multiple Australian Equity Funds of the Same Style.

    Min-Jie Lou, Executive Compensation and Corporate Performance: Australian Evidence.

    Andrew Mcgregor, Informed Trading in Options Markets Prior to Takeover Announcements.

    Shaun Mckinlay, Is Volatility Risk Priced in the SPI Futures Option Market?

    Vivek Miranda, The Rreverse Role of Executive Stock Options in Share Buybacks and Market's Response.

    Patrick No, Style Investing: Incorporating Growth Characteristics in Value Stocks.

    Dominic Picone, Integration of the Australian Equity Market: An Examination of the effect upon Dual-Listings.

    Esmond Smith, Artificial Neural Networks: A Comparative Analysis of Performance.

    Nicholas Speer, Insider Trading around Annual Earnings Announcements.

    Victor Tan, Exchange Rate Shocks, International Competition and Common Industry Impact: A US - Australian Industry Analysis of Stock Returns.

    Fraser Thompson, Firm Survival in the Internet Industry: How to Tell the Baby from the Bath Water with dot-coms

    Liang-Liang Tiong, The Eruo Currency Effect: An Investigation into Structural Changes and Currency Risk Exposure for Banks.

    Yeun Ling Wee, An Empirical Investigation of Stocks from Different Industries using a Disaggregate Approach.

    Wayson Wong, Foreign Mergers and Acquisitions and Exchange Rate Dynamics.

    Wei Yue, Exploring the Relevance of the Hedging Pressure Risk in the Futures Markets: An Investigation on Normal Backwardation in Futures Market via the Hedging Pressure Theory.

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  • Completed topics 2000

    Jayan Balakumar, The Impact of the New Business Tax Reforms on the Dividend Policy of Listed Companies - A Tax Clientele Study.

    Damian Beare, Do Merges Improve Corporate Performance?

    Jaideep Bedi, "I SPI with my Little Eye" An Empirical Investigation into Expiration Effects in SPI Futures Contracts.

    En Te Chen, Ex Ante Expectation on Use of Proceeds and the Underpricing of Initial Public Offerings.

    Yu Min Chua, Analyst Recommendations in Australia: Information Gathering and Investment Banking Relationships.

    Mageret Ely, Futures Hedging Methodologies with Application to the Malaysian Market.

    Amelia Fincher, Biotechnology Valuation: A Real Options Model.

    Guy Grossbard, The Great Australian Pie: An Analysis of PIE Warrants.

    Jonathan Holroyd, An Exploration of the Evidence Surrounding the Effects of Heuristics on Investor Behaviour; and a New Theory of Investor Sentiment.

    Phillip Ingle, An in Depth Analysis of Option Contract Adjustment Procedures.

    Steven Katz, Predicting Takeover Targets: An Analysis of the Relationship between Financial Attributes, Takeover Premiums and the Likelihood of Target Acquisition.

    Tamasin Kenzie, Valuation Considerations in the Licensing of Biopharmaceutical Drug - A Real Options Approach.

    Nicole Lightfoot, Agency Problems in Australian Managed Funds: Retail vs Wholesale Funds.

    Su-Ping Liu, The Impact of Mega Mergers on Industry Competitors.

    Wai Ki Liu, The Impact of Macroeconomic Announcements: A Cross-Sectional Analysis of Different Industries.

    Tim Low, Re-Examination of the Size Effects in Australia: The Effects of Industrial Classification.

    Gilbert Ng, Modeling the Impact of Volatility Risk in the Return Generating Process.

    Andrew Nolan, Measuring Behavioural Risk Factors in Australian Equity Booms.

    Stephen O'Shaughnessy, The Effect of Tax and Legislation Changes on the Market Value of Dividends and Franking Credits.

    Kunal Panchal, An Analysis of Failed Merger Bids and their Impacts on Rivals.

    Rhys Petheram, The Financial Performance of Ethical Screening in Australia.

    Graham Strain, The Impact of Index Fund Trading and the Effects of Changing the ASZ Index.

    Jean Tan, Momentum Investing in Australia.

    Steve Tan, Do Equity Price Premia Predict Political Risk?

    Wynne Tan, Another Look at the Small Firm Anomaly: The Australian Evidence.

    Anna Taylor, Book Building vs Fixed Price Offers: An Analysis of the Effect of Information Asynnetry in Underpricing in the Australian IPO Market.

    Desmond Tsui, An Investigation on the Profitability of Contrarian and Momentum Strategies within an International Context - A Case between Australia and Us

    Matthew Wilson, Case Study: The Value Drivers behind Internet E-tailer Companies in 2000.

  • Completed topics 1999

    Yianni Agisilaou, Mining - Price and Variance Effects of Diversification into Technology by Resource Companies: A Behavioural Analysis.

    Anthony Carpenter, Modelling Credit Risk.

    Ben Chen, Empirical Analysis of Alleged Manipulation Attempts and Government Intervention on HK Stock and Futures Markets in August 1998.

    Hugh Keat Cheung, Time Varying and Higher Moment Alternatives to Black-Scholes.

    Davin Chow, Directors Trades and Market Efficiency.

    David Colosimo, Factors Effecting the International Covariance Matrix.

    Timothy Davies, Timing the Market through the use of a Market Volatility Index.

    Grant Dixon, Herding, Momentum and Corporate Governance - Aust Hedge Funds.

    Catherine Grooves, Is the Risk Return Relationship Constant?

    Adam Houghton, Growth Opportunities and the Method of Payment in Acquisitions: An Australian Study.

    Christopher Hudson, Impact of Fund Managers Trading Activities on Stock Prices.

    Alex Leung, Why Investors Dislike Australian ADRs.

    Mark Lorkin, Earnings Management and the Long Run Performance of Initial Public Offerings.

    Mel Lum, A Test of Integration vs Segmentation and the Effect of Dual Listing: Evidence from the Malaysian Equity Market.

    Wai Yin Mah, An Examination of the Price and Quantity Dimensions of Market Liquidity for the Long Gilt Futures Contract.

    Renato Mota, Share Buybacks and Signalling of Earnings and Risk.

    Sujay Nair, Divest or Not to Divest: Impact or Stock Options Plans on Project Entrapment.

    Anne-Marie Neagle, Sectoral Herding in Australian Mutual Funds.

    Anna Neradovich, Systematic Investigation of Momentum and Contrarian Trading Strategies that are Followed by Traders in US Internet Stocks.

    Christopher Osborne, The Simulation of Like-Like Market Data from Behavioural Rules.

    Matthew Ross, Information Associated with Share BuyBacks: Firm Specific or Industry Wide.

    Sabatino Silveri, Volatility Forecasts in the Warrants Market.

    Nicholas Sims, Directors Response to a Tender Offer: Do Independent Boards Increase Target Shareholder Wealth.

    Michael Sommers, Pricing Credit Risk in Australian Semi-Government Securities Using Reduced Form Models.

    Jonathan Spitzer, An Alternative Approach to Pricing Lookback and Barrier Options.

    Anthony Sutton, A Study of the Optimal Re-Balancing for Hedging using Short Term Interest Rate Futures.

    Stuart Vinson, Protecting Underwriter Reputation.

    Michael Winterburn, Ownership Structure and Economic Performance: The Demutualisation of Building Societies.

    Terence Wong, Stock Price Effects Associated with Changes in Index Composition.

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  • Completed topics 1998

    Anu Agarwal, Reduced Form Models: Operationalisation and Empirical Analysis.

    Vanessa Alpins, Australian Share Issue Privatisations and the Tender Offer Process.

    Daniel Avramides, Volatility Forecasting and the Efficiency of the SPI Futures Option Market.

    George Batsakis, How Firm Characteristics Affect the Emphasis Placed on Executive Share Options: An Agency Perspective.

    Julian Buckley, The Determining Factors of Premiums Paid in Bank Mergers: A Case Study Analysis.

    Andrea Burgess, Testing the Role of Skewness in Tournaments in the Australian Retail Equity Trust Market.

    Timothy Calnan, The Impact of P/E Ratios and Divided Yields on Investor Expectations: An Event Study using Implied Probability Density Functions.

    Jonathan Chan, Market Efficiency and Overreaction in the Hong Kong Stock Market: Can a Contrarian Trading Strategy Beat the Market?

    Michael Chan, Interaction between Exchange Rate and Stocks: An Analysis of Volatility.

    Rosemary Chan, A Comparative Performance Evaluation of Value-At-Risk Models on Option Portfolios.

    Adam Chandler, The Adjustment of Forward Rates in Response to CPI Announcements.

    Cynthia Cochrane, Margining Efficiency and Prudentiality at the Sydney Futures Exchange.

    Michael Crocker, Do Australian Mutual Fund Managers alter the Riskiness of their Portfolios in Response to Mid-Year Performance?

    Matthew Davison, The Predictive Value of Analyst Consensus Earnings Forecasts.

    David Feldman, The After-Market Performance of Seasoned Equity Issues.

    Joanna Gilligan, The Macmillan Model and Valuing the Right to Exercise Early for American Put Options on Non-Dividend Paying Stocks.

    Shane Gong, Compensation Factors Driving Demutualisation: A Managerial Entrenchment Perspective.

    Rick Impala, Estimation of Optimal Hedge Ratios and the Effectiveness of Constant and Dynamic Hedging Strategies using Short-Term Interest Rate Futures.

    Matthew Iser, IPO Underpricing and Underwriter Reputation: An Alternative.

    Chang Han Joo, An Empirical Analysis of the Composite Valuation: Residual Income and Price-Earnings Ratio.

    Wayne Kenafacke, Managed Investment Performance Comparisons; Investor Reaction and it's Implications.

    Steven Lambeth, The Effects of Financial Leverage and Firm Size on the Relation between Stock Returns and Volatility: A Firm-Level Analysis.

    Amy Lee, Informational Efficiency of the Hang Seng Index Futures Contract.

    Vivienne Leong, Credit Unions: Is EVA Relevant?

    Crystal Lin, A Comparative Analysis of the Wealth Effects at the Announcement of International Joint Ventures in China.

    Christine Lye, Market Comparable Models: An Empirical Investigation.

    Joshua Mckean, An Analysis of the Wealth Transfer Device in an On-Market Share Buyback: An Option Pricing Approach.

    Wayne Ngo, Volatility and Block Trades: Testing for Further Evidence of the Overhang.

    Jack Ong, Currency Hedging Implications to International Equity Portfolio Performance in the 1900s: An Australian Perspective.

    Martin Paino, Using an Implicit Finite Difference Model to Estimate American Put Option Prices Under the Assumption Stock Returns Follow a Poisson Process.

    Timothy Pietsch, Why Does Ethics have a Zero Price?

    Peter Poulos, Spill Over Effects vs Mispricing.

    Simon Rutherford, A Test of Efficiency for the Share Price Index Futures Options Market using Variance Forecasts.

    Karl Smith, Motivations, Synergy and the Premium Paid in Takeovers.

    Brendan Sproules, Modelling Endowment Warrants using Alternative Stochastic Processes.

    Saktiandi Supaat, Volatility Forecasting Techniques Used in Value at Risk Models and Common Volatility Processes: Analysis of the Singapore Equity Market.

    Christopher Whitelaw, Do Installment Warrants offer "Value" to Investors?

    Karen Wong, Tactical Asset Allocations: Does it Work in Australia?

    Matthew Yim, The Long-Run Performance of Acquiring Firms.

  • Completed topics 1997

    Geoffrey Blades, A Re-Examination of the Wealth Effects of Interfirm Tender Offers: An Option Pricing Approach.

    Roland Broda, Testing for Evidence of Stealth Trading before Australian Earnings Announcements.

    Simon Buskens, Do Brokers Move Stock Prices? A Longitudinal Analysis of Recommendations.

    Terry Charalambous, The Motives for Takeovers: Australian Evidence.

    Keiren Charles, Directors' Decision to Defend: An Empirical Examination of the Returns to Target Shareholders of Defended Takeovers.

    Victor Cheung, A Fresh Look at Myers' Pecking Order Theory of Capital Structure: The Case of Australian Firms.

    Tuan Shew Chng, An Intra Day Investigation into the Dynamics of Volatility Transmission Across Parallel Markets Operating on the Sydney Futures Exchange.

    David Cibura, The Closed-End Fund Puzzle.

    Richard Connell, Recovery of Implied Interest Rate Probability Density Functions from Interest Rate Futures Options.

    Susan Cook, The Tender System for Capital Raising in Australian Equity Markets.

    Luke Davidson, An Empirical Examination of Alternative Currency Hedging Strategies for International Equity Portfolios.

    Weng Keat Foong, The Short-Term Zero-Cost Contrarian Strategy in the Australian Context.

    Daniel Goh, Performance Measurement and Persistence on Australian Funds.

    Simone Govic, An Empirical Analysis of Economic Valued Added (EVA): A Comparative Examination of Valuation Metrics.

    Thomas Hodgson, The Diversification Question: A Longitudinal Study of Corporate Diversification in the Period 1990 - 1996.

    Thomas Ko, The Information Content of Companies Announcing On-Market Share Buy-Backs in Australia and the Actual Share Reacquisition.

    Wen Yee Lee, An Examination of the Benefits of International Diversification - A Study Between Singapore and Australia.

    Hoa Quoc Ly, Evaluating the Performance of Value at Risk Models Using Historical Data.

    Mary-Anne McLeod, Perforamce Persistence and the Predication of Cash Flows: Are Mutual Fund Investors Rational?

    Long Ngo, Modelling the Discounted Dividend Growth Rate in the Midst of Dividend Taxation Change.

    James Olsen, Default Risk in the Australian Swap Market. Identification and Measurement.

    Brian O'Reilly, Time Variation in the Domestic Equity Correlation Matrix.

    David Potaznik, Capital Plus Warrants: An Analysis of a Derivative Security.

    Richard Rose, International Dual Listing: Where are the Benefits?

    Simon Rose, Valuation of Contingent Claims in Infrastructure Projects

    Chin Yee Tan, Market Timing and Equity Market Anomalies: A December Effect?

    Charles Taylor, The Signalling Power of Australian Share Buybacks.

    Natasha Tsykin, An Investigation of the Static and Dynamic Informational Efficiency of the All Ordinaries Share Price Index Futures Contract.

    Robert Van Aalst, Is the Commonwealth's Current Debt Management Strategy Consistent with Long-Term Cost Minimisation?

    Kenneth Wan, The Size Effect in the Managed Fund Industry. Elicitation of Economies of Scales?

    Gary Wong, An Examination of the Short-Term Contrarain Investment Strategy in the Australian Equity Market. Do Australian Investors Overreact?

  • Completed topics 1996

    Mun Har , The Performance Persistence of Australian Superannuation Funds.

    Nicholas Bienkowski, The International Bidder Effect: Do Australian Shareholders Earn a Higher Return when the Ultimate Acquirer is Foreign?

    Nathan Butterworth, Evidence on the Determinants of Takeover Outcomes and the Predictive Ability of Logistic Models.

    Matthew Cain, The Role of Underwriter Reputation in the Pricing of IPOs and Subsequent Seasoned Equity Offerings.

    Adam Elder, The Evaluation of Volatility Forecasts in an Economic Value Framework.

    Paul Francis, Block Transactions - Evidence of an Overhang Effect.

    Rodney Fraser, Which Security Analyst Recommendations Result in the Largest Cumulative Abnormal Returns? A Cross Sectional Analysis.

    Sung Dae Hong, Concurrent Economic Information and Relative Efficiency in the Australian Stock Market.

    Ivy Hsieh, The Study of Bid and Ask Spread Bias and Non-Synchronous Effect in the Event of Unseasoned New Equity Offerings on the Australian Stock Exchange.

    Winnie Hui, Understanding Fees, Certification, Relationship Specific Assets and Underwriter Retention.

    Dinah Jowett, Valuation of Employee Share Options in Australia.

    Andrew Lannen, Contrarian Investment, Extrapolation and Risk Evidence of Overreaction to Earnings Information in the Australian Equity Market.

    Paul Lee, The Effect of Changes to Dividend Franking Levels on Security Returns, Payout Ratios, and Dividend Growth.

    David Lewis, Acquisition or Divestiture? Management Response to Competitive Pressures.

    Scott Mcgibbony, Ex Ante Uncertainty and the Underpricing of Equity Care-Outs in Australia.

    Warwick Newell, Reconciling Dividend Reduction Signals and Subsequent Earnings Performance within an Australian Market Context.

    Cianta Seneviratne, International Joint Ventures vs Domestic Joint Ventures: A Comparative Analysis of the Valuation Effects of Joint Venture Announcements on Shareholder Wealth.

    Yar Ping Soo, Equity Duration and the Performance of Australian Stocks.

    Oon Geok Tan, Differential Information Hypothesis and the Performance of Non Underwritten IPOs.

    Kar Mei Tang, Modelling Volatility in the Malaysian Stock Market.

    Alvin Teh, A Comparison of the Wealth Effects from International and Domestic Acquisitions: The Case for Australian Acquiring Firms.

    Paul Wirjawan, Time Varying Volatility in Arbitrage-Free Term Strucuture Model.

    Man Li Wong, Do Windows of Opportunity, Firm Characteristics and Market Conditions Affect the Price Reaction to Rights Issue Announcements?

    Sally Yeh, Comparison of the Constant and Dynamic Hedge Models with the Presence of Transaction Costs in the Futures Market.

  • Completed topics 1995

    Justin Bailey, The Shore Reaction of Australian Common Stocks to Announcements of International Joint Ventures

    Edward Burley, The Role of Asymmetric Information and Underwriter Reputation in Australian Rights Issues

    Simon Chan, The Impact of Options Introduction on the Empirical Relationship Between Returns and Trading Volume

    Ze-Min Chua, Bank Branch Efficiency and Economies of Scale: A Study of Translog and Data Envelope Analyses

    Bindusri De Silva, The Impact of Dividend Imputation Tax System on Trading Volume, Corporate Leverage and Volatility

    Tanuja Doorjun, A Regression Analysis of the Effects of Option Introductions on Stock Variances in Australia

    Nicholas Fay, The Pricing of Underwriting Risk in Initial Public Offerings: Australian Evidence

    Greg Jason, The Role of Accounting Based Performance Measures in the Education Sector

    Alison Lam, Capital Market Integration Pre and Post Deregulation: Evidence from the US and Australian Stock Markets

    Wai Keong Lam, Further Evidence on the Black-Scholes Pricing Model: Does Heteroscedasticity Matter?

    Tuck Lok Lau, Modelling Mean Reversion in the Price Earning Ratios of Firms

    Janine Lewis, Managerial Performance, Motives, and Gains During Takeovers: Australian Evidence

    Nicholas Lilley, The Reaction of Australian Interest Rate Markets to the Announcement of Economic Variables

    Augustine Lim, The Relationship Between Information, Trading Volume, and Stock Market Volatility

    Justin Loke, An Investigation into the effects of Beta Nonstationarity on Optimal Portfolio Weights

    Jason Louey, The Operating Performance of Initial Public Offering Firms

    Christopher Pearce, Testing the Behavioural CAPM

    Lawrence Peh, Earnings and Dividends: Interaction Effect

    Christopher Sleep, The Australian Stock Market Reaction to Economic News: In Intra-Daily Analysis

    Amber Stoney, Earnings Management by Gold Mining Companies Affected by the 1991 Gold Tax

    Jamie Strauch, The Impact of the Australian Dividend Imputation System on the Corporate Capital Structure

    Eric Wong, Further Evidence on IPO Returns and Subsequent Equity Offerings

    Kevin Wong, Options on the SPI Futures Contract: A Comparison of the Predictive Ability of the Black-Scholes Model and the Lee-Rao-Auchmuty Model

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  • Completed topics 1994

    Daniel Allison, Tax Induced Clientees: An Evaluation of the Australian Evidence

    Lewis Apostolou, Rights Issues and Wealth Redistribution

    Adam Caplan, Psychological Pricing Barriers in Australian Stock Indices

    Hamish Carlisle, Takeover Announcements, Acquiring Firms and Programs of Acquisitions

    Darren Crawford, Interaction of Earnings and Dividends: Some Further Evidence

    Arne Dimpfel, Experts' Reports and Control Premia in Australian Takeovers

    Timothy Emonson, Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRP's) - An Examination of Returns During a DRP's Averaging Period

    Jonathan Farrer, Setting Discount Rates Under Australian Dividend Reinvestment Plans

    Avi Gilboa, An Analysis of the Information Content of Independent Expert's Report in Australian Takeover Bids

    Timothy Heaton, Volatility Estimation and the Valuation of American Call Options on Dividend Paying Stocks

    Vanessa Jackson, An Empirical Investigation into the Marketing Timing Activities on Australian Superannuation Fund Managers

    Christian Johnston, The Information Effects of Right Issue Announcement and Prospectus Release

    Mark Lewis, The Information Content of Preliminary Final Earnings Announcements

    Fiona Mcintyre, Determinants of Capital Structure: Australian Evidence

    Damien Mitchell, The Initial Performance of Resource and Industrial Based Initial Public Offerings

    Daniel Olivieri, Information Efficiency of Implied Volatility and the Release of Preliminary Earning Statements

    Amir Paluch, A Study of Discounts in Private Equity Placements of Bidder Firms

    Andrew Pennycuick, Tobin's Q and the Post-Acquisition Performance of Bidder Firms

    Philip Pepe, A Causality Test of International Stock Market Relationships

    David Stegehuis, Currency Exposure in Australian Gold Stocks

    Simon Wilson, Measurement Issues and the Long Run Performance of Initial Public Offerings

    Daniel Wise, The Impact of Domestic Joint Venture Announcements on the Common Stock Returns of Australian Resource Sector Companies

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