Jill Lei

Contact details

Room , Level 9
The Spot
198 Berkeley St (Building 110)

Postal address

Department of Management & Marketing
Level 10, 198 Berkeley St,
University of Melbourne,
Melbourne, VIC 3010, Australia


Doctoral Degree in Marketing, Maastricht University. (2006)
PhD in Marketing, Maastricht University. (2006)
MSc in Marketing, University of Groningen. (2001)
Master of Science in International Business, University of Groningen. (2000)
Bachelor in Business, Nanjing University of Science and Technology. (1999)

Professional Memberships

Association for Consumer Research (ACR)
Society for Consumer Psychology (SCP)


Journal Articles

Jiang Y, Lei J. (2014) "The effect of food toppings on calorie estimation and consumption", Journal of Consumer Psychology, vol.24 (1), pp.63 - 69.

Chmielewski-Raimondo DA, Bove LL, Lei J, Neville BA, Nagpal A. (2012) "A new perspective on the incentive-blood donation relationship: partnership, congruency, and affirmation of competence", Transfusion, vol.52 (September 2012), pp.1889 - 1900.

Lei J, Dawar N, Gurhan-Canli Z. (2012) "Base-rate Information in Consumer Attributions of Product-harm Crises", Journal of Marketing Research, vol.49 (3), pp.336 - 348.

Dawar N, Lei J. (2009) "Brand crises: The roles of brand familiarity and crisis relevance in determining the impact on brand evaluations", Journal of Business Research, vol.62 (4), pp.509 - 516.

Gill T, Lei J. (2009) "Convergence in the high-technology consumer markets: Not all brands gain equally from adding new functionalities to products", Marketing Letters: a journal of research in marketing, vol.20 (1), pp.91 - 103.

Lei J, De Ruyter K, Wetzels M. (2008) "Consumer Responses to Vertical Service Line Extensions", Journal of Retailing, vol.84 (3), pp.268 - 280.

Lei J, Dawar N, Lemmink J. (2008) "Negative Spillover in Brand Portfolios: Exploring the Antecedents of Asymmetric Effects", Journal of Marketing, vol.72 (3), pp.111 - 123.

Lei J, Pruppers R, Ouwersloot H, Lemmink J. (2004) "Service intensiveness and brand extension evaluations", Journal of Service Research, vol.6 (3), pp.243 - 255.

Non-Peer Reviewed Publications

Chang, Zhang, Lei J. (2013) "Consumer evaluations of convergent products: A study from the viewpoint of information processing style", Minerva transfer, vol.9 (2), pp.56 - 70.

Teaching responsibilities

  • MKTG20004 - Market and Business Research (Semester 1)
  • MKTG90011 - Marketing Research (Semester 1)
  • MGMT30017 - Global Management Consulting (Semester 2)
  • MKTG20004 - Market and Business Research (Semester 2)
  • MKTG90011 - Marketing Research (Semester 2)