Peter Gahan

Contact details

Room 9.057, Level 9
The Spot
198 Berkeley St (Building 110)

Postal address

Department of Management & Marketing
Level 10, 198 Berkeley St,
University of Melbourne,
Melbourne, VIC 3010, Australia


Before taking up the position of Professor of Management at The University of Melbourne, Peter has held academic positions at Monash University, Deakin Universoty,The University of New South Wales, The University of Southern California, Los Angeles, and The European University Institute. Peter has also previously worked as senior public servant as Director of Workplace Innovation in the Victorian Department of Industry, Innovation and Regional Development, and has undertaken commissioned research for both state and commonwealth governments on areas related to employment relations, regulatory arrangements to support workplace innovation, and the consequences of various regulatory labour market reforms. He is currently a member of the editorial Advisory Board for the Journal of Management Studies. Between 2009 and 2012 Peter was also editor-in-chief of Labour and Industry, the official journal of the Association of Industrial Relations Academics of Australia and New Zealand.

Research Interests

  • HRM, high performance work practices, workplace innovation
  • industrial relations, employee voice and representation
  • labour market regulation, productivity


CDC DIPLOMA (AUST INST OF COMPANY DIRECTORS), Australian Institute of Company Directors. (2003)
Doctor of Philosophy, University of Melbourne. (1997)
Bachelor of Commerce (Honours), University of New South Wales. (1989)

Professional Memberships

Academy of Management
Association of Industrial Relations Academics of Australia and New Zealand
Industrial Relations Society of Victoria
International Employment and Labour Relations Association



Cooney S, Mahy P, Mitchell R, Gahan P. The evolution of labour law in three Asian nations: An introductory comparative study - Comparative Labor Law & Policy Journal

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Teaching responsibilities

  • MGMT90037 - Conflict and Negotiation (Semester 2)
  • MGMT90193 - Advanced Human Resource Management (Semester 2)