Name Head of Department Research Interests
Prakash SinghProfessor of Management (Operations Management)
  • Operations management, with a focus on topics within supply chain management, quality management, operations strategy and innovation management
NameDeputy Head of DepartmentResearch Interests
Liliana BoveProfessor of Marketing
  • Donor research
  • Customer citizenship behaviours
  • Service marketing
  • Relationship marketing
  • Customer relationships with service personnel
  • Customer loyalty to service providers and service workers
  • Service personnel well-being
Andre SammartinoAssociate Professor of Management
  • Regionalisation and globalisation of firms
  • Internationalisation of Australian firms
  • Internationalisation of retailers
  • Transformation of subsidiary roles
  • Vertical scope and competitive advantage
  • Business history
  • Internal labour markets
NameProfessors and
Associate Professors
Research Interests
Susan Ainsworth

Associate Professor of Management
(Organisation Studies)

  • Organisational discourse analysis and identity
  • Age and gender in employment and organisations
  • Identity and public policy
  • Human resource management and ethics
Adam BarskyAssociate Professor of Management
  • Business Ethics
  • Organisational Agility
  • Personality and emotions
  • Research methodology
Simon Bell

Professor of Marketing

  • Services and relationship marketing
  • Customer loyalty
  • Sales force management
  • Organisational learning
  • Social networks and regional clusters
Michelle BrownProfessor of Management
(Human Resource Management)
  • Human Resource Management/Industrial Relations
  • Pay systems - performance based pay and its implications for employees, unions and organisations
  • Employee participation and its consequences
Christina CreganProfessor of Management
(Human Resource Management)
  • Trade union membership
  • Young people in the labour market
  • Internal labour markets
  • Industrial democracy
Peter GahanProfessor of Management
(Human Resource Management)
  • Labour market regulation and its consequences
  • High performance workplaces
  • Workplace innovation and new forms of work organisation
  • Worker voice and representation
Cynthia HardyProfessor of Management
(Organisation Studies)
  • Organisation discourse theory
  • Power and politics in organisations
  • Social construction of Identity
  • Organisational change
Bill HarleyProfessor of Management
(Human Resource Management and Organisation Studies)
  • Industrial Relations
  • HRM
  • Work Organisation
  • High Performance Work Systems
  • Employee Autonomy
  • Democracy and Participation at Work
  • Labour Process Theory
Jill LeiAssociate Professor of Marketing
  • Brand extension strategies
  • Brand architecture
  • Product-harm crises
  • Counter-stereotypical product adoption
  • Convergent high-tech products
  • Consumer food consumption
Jane LuThe James Riady Chair in Asian Business
  • Internationalisation of firms
  • Foreign entry strategies
  • Business groups
  • Family business
  • Corporate social responsibility
Anish NagpalAssociate Professor of Marketing
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Consumer Decision-making
  • Framing
  • Customisation
  • Decision Conflict
  • Consumer Food Consumption
Julie OzanneProfessor of Marketing
  • Transformative consumer research
  • Improving the well-being of low literate and low income consumers
  • New models of exchange based on sharing
  • Extending methodologies of social change
Angela PaladinoProfessor of Marketing
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Environmental Marketing
  • Innovation and Corporate Performance
  • Resource Based View & Capabilities Strategies
  • Market Orientation
  • Strategic Management & Marketing
Damien PowerProfessor of Management
  • Business to Business e-Commerce
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Operations Strategy
Danny SamsonProfessor of Management
(Operations Management)
  • Business competitiveness drivers
  • Operations strategy
  • Risk management
  • Sustainable development
  • E-business
  • Decision-making under uncertainty
Graham SewellProfessor of Management
  • Workplace surveillance
  • Teamwork
  • Business ethics
  • Organisation & management theory
  • Qualitative research methods
  • Evolutionary psychology
  • Strategy development processes
Dean XuProfessor of Management
(International Business)
  • Multinational firm strategy
  • Chinese firm strategy
  • Emerging economies
  • Organisational theory
Michael ZyphurAssociate Professor of Management
  • Research methods
  • The biological basis of organisational behaviour
  • Evaluating and modelling job performance.
Name Lecturers and Senior Lecturers Research Interests
Majid Abdi Lecturer in Management
(International Business)
  • Inter-firm Relationships
  • Internationalisation of the firm
  • Institutional Theory
  • Organisational Learning and Search
  • Quantitative Research Methods
Paul Bergey Senior Lecturer in Management
(Operations Management)
  • Simulation
  • Large Scale Optimisation
  • Stochastic Algorithms
  • Energy Models
  • Quantitative Decision Models
Vikram Bhakoo Senior Lecturer in Management
(Operations Management)
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Adoption of E-business Technologies within the Health-Care Sector
  • Service Operations Management
  • Application of Qualitative Techniques within the Operations Management Discipline
Robin Canniford Senior Lecturer in Marketing
  • Consumption Communities
  • Experiential Marketplaces
  • Tribal Marketing
  • Consumption Assemblages
Michal Carrington Lecturer in Marketing

Consumer Behaviour and Consumer Culture Theory:

  • Consumer Identity and Culture
  • Alternative Approaches to Value Co-creation

Marketing Ethics and Consumer Ethics:

  • Transformative Consumer Research
  • Ethical Consumption
  • The Role of Marketing in a Sustainable Future
Danielle Chmielewski-Raimondo Lecturer in Marketing

Strategic marketing decisions, incorporating:

  • strategic orientations and their impact on firm performance
  • the interplay between a firm's external environment and firm performance
  • timing of entry decisions
  • new brand strategies and introduction; and
Blood donation research, incorporating:
  • the interplay between marketing and blood donation
Daejeong Choi Senior Lecturer in Management
(Human Resource Management)
  • Leadership
  • Team and group dynamics
  • Social exchange relationships in organisations
  • Performance management
  • Strategic human resource management
Brent Coker Lecturer in Marketing
  • Online Consumer Psychology
  • Internet marketing strategy
  • Social Media
Erica Coslor Lecturer in Management
(Organisation Studies)
  • Market structure and processes
  • Economic sociology
  • Valuation
  • Art markets
Jennifer GaoLecturer in Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Cultural effects on HRM and careers
  • Compressed development in East Asia
  • University Research Commercialisation
William Ho

Senior Lecturer in Management
(Operations Management)

  • Strategic sourcing and supplier performance management
  • Supply chain risk management
  • Sustainable supply chain management
Helen Hu Senior Lecturer in Management
(International Business)
  • Corporate Governance
  • Chinese Business and Management
  • Board of Directors
  • Governance in the Asian Region
Matthias KochLecturer in Marketing
  • Industrial Marketing
  • Market Research
  • Sales Management
  • Values-based Marketing
Tine Koehler Senior Lecturer in Management
(International Business)
  • Global Teamwork
  • International Collaboration
  • Cross-cultural communication and coordination
  • Virtual Teams
  • Trust
  • Application of cognitive neuroscience research to Organizational Studies
  • Research Methods (quantitative and qualitative)
Gamze KoseogluLecturer in Management
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Social capital
  • Social networks
  • Leadership
Joeri Mol Senior Lecturer in Management
(Organisation Studies)
  • Value & Selection Mechanisms in Markets
  • Classification & Genre Formation
  • Power & Appropriation in Organisations
  • Diffusion Processes
  • Music Industry
Angela McCabeLecturer in Management
  • Power in inter-organisational relationships
  • Knowledge coproduction
  • Management competencies
Erik Mooi Senior Lecturer in Marketing
  • Business Marketing
  • Technology Licensing
  • Franchising
  • Contracting
  • Outsourcing
Ben Neville Senior Lecturer in Marketing
  • Corporate social responsibility and business ethics
  • Stakeholder theory and stakeholder management
  • Climate change and environmental issues
  • Consumer issues and marketing ethics
  • Cross-cultural issues in marketing and management
Gergely Nyilasy Senior Lecturer in Marketing
  • Advertising, IMC and new media
  • Services marketing
  • Green marketing
  • Business ethics
  • Creativity
  • Organisational cognition
  • Institutional theory, practice theory
Ilkka OjansivuLecturer in Marketing
  • Business Relationships and Networks
  • Projects and Temporary Organizing
  • Institutional Theory
  • Qualitative Process Research
Tom Osegowitsch Senior Lecturer in Management
(International Business)

Overarching interest:

  • Strategies of multinational companies.

Specific interests:

  • Regionalisation vs. globalisation of multinational firms
  • Knowledge sharing within multinational companies
  • Firm internationalisation
  • Headquarters-subsidiary relationship
Andreas Pekarek Lecturer in Management
  • Employment Relations
  • Professional Work
  • Human Resource Management
  • Worker Voice and Representation
Marcus Phipps Lecturer in Marketing
  • Consumer Culture Theory
  • Macromarketing
  • Political Marketing
  • Social Marketing
  • Sustainable Consumption
Lusheng ShaoLecturer in Operations Management
  • Competitive bidding and contract design
  • OM/ Marketing interfaces
  • Supply chain management
  • Electricity market
  • Emerging business practices
Sachiko Yamao Lecturer in Management
(International Business)
  • Knowledge management and inter-unit relations within multinational corporations
  • Employment practices in foreign subsidiaries
  • Management of subsidiary employees and international assignees
  • Use of English as common language within multinationals from non-Anglophone countries