Humans of Melbourne Business School

What do you love about Melbourne? In this new series, we invite you to see our city through the eyes of some of our Humans of Melbourne Business School.

Melbourne is definitely one of the most unique cities in the world due to the sheer diversity of sights, and activities available to its people, and what better way to see it than by trams? Luke Geohegan, Master of Actuarial Studies, Perth
Luke Geoghegan

Want to find out what Luke has to say about moving to Melbourne? Read his full story.

Why Melbourne? Here, you get to try your hand at new activities, both within the classroom and in the CBD – it’s the best thing about studying at Melbourne Business School. Leave your comfort zone! Kamola Khushvaktova, Master of Finance, Uzbekistan

Kamola Khushvaktova

Read about Kamola's perspectives on why she chooses to leave her comfort zone here.

My favourite thing: Melbourne’s food! We also have the best coffee, and we’re lucky to be just a 1-minute walk from Seven Seeds Coffee – perfect for a caffeinated pick-me-up and study break! Whitney Zhou, Master of Commerce (Management), Melbourne

Whitney Zhou

Do you love Seven Seeds too? Whitney shares more of her favourite Melbourne establishments with us.

And don’t forget the sport! As the sporting capital of Australia, Melbourne is host to world-class events all year round. The AFL Grand Final, Australian Open, Formula 1 Grand Prix are but a few! Mario Di Gregorio, Master of Management (HR), Melbourne

Mario Di Gregorio

Read Mario's story to learn how he incorporates his passion for sports while studying at Melbourne Business School!

Most importantly, studying at Melbourne Business School means exposure to a range of careers I hadn’t previously considered. Here, you are supported to create your own pathway to success. Elizabeth Dunne, Master of Management, Melbourne

Elizabeth Dunne

Read Elizabeth's full story where she shares her favourite things about Melbourne and studying at Melbourne Business School. Find out if you agree with her!

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