Global Management Consulting is a third year capstone subject that gives students the opportunity to gain industry experience in an international setting. Rebecca Satkunam, shares her experience with IBM Bluemix Garage, San Francisco,

Rebecca Satkunam, Bachelor of Commerce (Economics and Marketing Major)
Rebecca Satkunam, Bachelor of Commerce (Economics and Marketing Major)

Participating in Global Management Consulting felt like taking a leap five years into my future and seeing the type of collaborator, investigator or creator that I could be in the world beyond university.

In this unfamiliar environment I was both confronted and empowered as I learnt how to forge my own path to a goal, adapt to the dynamics of a high performing team, and understand how my skills translate from the classroom to a business environment where they can have real, reverberating impacts. Armed with my university knowledge and a strong bond to my consulting team, I landed in San Francisco seeking to deliver creative marketing strategies to the IBM Bluemix Garage. Our task quickly grew more complicated than we anticipated as we filtered through conflicting perspectives and expectations. But, using the diverse strengths in our team, it was rewarding to see how we were able to independently find, decipher and overcome these challenges.

In those first few days, I also learnt that the element of surprise is useful fuel for innovation. Perhaps what surprised me the most during this experience was understanding that our team had been handed the opportunity to provide significant, meaningful value to our client, and that this potential was so openly appreciated by the company itself.

I was also surprised by the new perspective I developed on the skills I had learnt through my education. Rebecca Satkunam
Team IBM Bluemix Garage
Team IBM Bluemix Garage.

I was also surprised by the new perspective I developed on the skills I had learnt through my education. Critical thinking, leadership and interpersonal development are not unfamiliar concepts at university. But once I came to understand them in the context of a real business, and met the people impacted by their application, using these skills started to mean more than getting a grade. In fact, more than once during my time in San Francisco, I forgot there was a grade to be gained at all!

Global Management Consulting proved to be an unparalleled learning opportunity, both in understanding my capacity in a professional workplace, and in understanding my potential to grow and embrace new experiences. The subject gave me more than I had expected, and I’m happy to know I was able to contribute something in return to the client who had made that experience possible.

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