3 Top Tips for Landing a Consulting Grad Role

EY Consultant and MBS Master of Management (Marketing) graduate, Tanya Nunes, shares her experience moving from science into management and her advice for getting a consultant position with one of the Big Four.

Why did you decide to undertake graduate study at Melbourne Business School? 

I knew that I wanted to undertake further study after my Bachelor's degree in Science and I was looking to couple my science degree with an area in business. I found both management and marketing interesting and thought it was a great way to increase my employability.

Melbourne Business School (MBS) was my first choice because I was familiar with the university and it had a great reputation.

What was a highlight of your Melbourne Business School experience?

Tanya Nunes

Definitely completing the Global Business Practicum subject, where you undertake consulting work for real company overseas. I went to Shanghai for a two-week project in EY Shanghai’s Advisory division. It was a great opportunity to travel overseas and to experience the work culture in another country. I also met some incredible people and made some really great friends throughout the subject.

Congratulations on the grad role. What are you doing at EY?

I am currently working in the Risk team in Advisory. We review our clients’ key activities and help them develop controls (if they aren’t already in place) that will assist in mitigating key risks in those processes.

I really enjoy how we get exposure to a number of different industries and business processes in a fast paced environment. I also really like that EY has a large presence in the health sector, meaning that I am able to do work that couples my love for science and health with my growing knowledge of risk.

What are your top tips for getting into one of the Big-Four?

1. Get your foot in the door: I interned at EY before getting a grad role there. The Global Business Practicum is largely responsible for my internship opportunity at EY. At the end of our two week project in EY Shanghai we presented our work the one of the Advisory Partners. He liked what we had done and said he would be happy to be a referee if we wanted to apply for jobs at any of EY’s global offices. So when the internship applications opened in Melbourne, he was the first person I reached out to.

2. Improve your CV while at uni: I was a part of the Global Consulting Group (GCG), a student club that does consulting work for not for profit organisations. It was a great way to put the theoretical knowledge we had developed in class to good use. Working with GCG was also an ideal lead into full-time work in professional services, as it provided really good insight into the problems clients often experience.

Build your CV while you study; get involved with as many extracurricular activities as possible. Tanya Nunes

3. Don’t forget your soft skills: I definitely think the communication skills I developed at MBS have helped in my everyday work at EY. All the practice I gained in presentations and class discussions helped build my management knowledge and confidence to do a lot of the client facing work I do today.

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