Using Personal Learning Environments to support Student-Centred Learning

Room 605, Level 6, FBE Building

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Sonia Puglielli

+61 3 8344 3645

Personal learning environments (PLEs) are frameworks that fuse both formal and informal learning, allowing individuals to construct knowledge in ways which align to their own goals and interests.
During the first half of this session participants will consider what PLEs entail and how they might complement teaching and learning activities commonly implemented within an LMS. The opportunities and challenges presented by PLEs will be examined and the use of Blogs and ePortfolios put forward as potential strategies.

In the second half of the workshop, participants will be introduced to Edublogs (WordPress for education). By using Edublogs, both academics and students have the opportunity to evidence professional practice beyond the boundaries of the LMS. Examples of this may include assessment strategies requiring students to develop a chronological record of events or to collaborate with peers. Edublogs could also be used as a repository for academics collecting evidence towards a teaching portfolio, performance review or promotion purposes.

Those wishing to take an introductory look at Edublogs are asked to bring a laptop or tablet and to sign up for an Edublog free blog using their University of Melbourne email address prior to the workshop.

Presenters: Miriam Edwards