The Chinese Education Style: Insights and Tips for Australian Educators

Room 315, Level 3, FBE Building

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Sonia Puglielli

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The workshop series ‘Engaging with Chinese Students’ is back due to popular demand! This event is the third in the series.

Students who grew up attending Chinese schools are used to a very different style of education from the one which is the norm in Australian universities. This workshop contrasts the Chinese and Australian education styles, and explains how these lead to the challenges commonly reported by Australian educators in:

  1. class participation,
  2. unstructured tasks and critical analysis, and
  3. plagiarism and other misconduct.

Participants will be given general tips on how to handle these challenges and will have the opportunity to exchange and workshop specific strategies with their colleagues.

Presenter: Dr Fiona Swee-Lin Price is the director of Globalise Consulting, a consultancy that specialises in managing cultural diversity in Australian universities. She has an Anglo-Australian father and a Malaysian Chinese mother, speaks Mandarin and French, and has been working in the intercultural field for over twenty years.