Fun in Education

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The Beckerian view that `fun' can be productive has new fertile applications in education, where interactive activities such as videogame tasks (traditionally a consumption-intensive commodity) are taking over standard instructions (traditionally a work-intensive commodity).

The implications of this transformation for equity, efficiency and academic performance have gone largely unexplored, both theoretically and empirically. Surprisingly, even though videogame tasks have been around for a while and have already been labelled in various circles either as a panacea or as a terrible danger, our literature review suggests that there is virtually no clean (causal) evidence to support any policy statement either way.

Presenter: Alberto Motta is an Associate Professor of Economics at UNSW Australia. He studied at Boston University and University of Padua where he received his PhD in economics. He developed UniPlay together with Associate Professor Isabella Dobrescu in a novel research-driven approach to education.