Jeanette Lye

Contact details

8344 7264
Room 330, Level 3
Business and Economics
(Building 105)

Postal address

Department of Economics
Level 4, FBE Building 105,
111 Barry Street,
University of Melbourne,
Melbourne, VIC 3010, Australia

Research Interests

  • Applied Econometrics (Quantitative analysis of teaching and learning in higher education in economics and commerce)
  • Applied Econometrics (Range of Equilibria)
  • Applied Econometrics (health, wages, economics of happiness)
  • Theoretical Econometrics (Fieller, Nonlinearities)


Doctor of Philosophy, University of Canterbury. (1991)
Master of Arts, University of Canterbury. (1986)
Bachelor of Arts, University of Canterbury. (1985)

Professional Memberships

The Economic Society of Australia


Journal Articles

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Non-Peer Reviewed Publications

Lye JN, Hirschberg JG. (2012) "Inverse Test Confidence Intervals for Turning-Points: A Demonstration with Higher Order Polynomials", Advances in Econometrics, vol.30, pp.59 - 95.


Lye JN. (2012) "Inverse Test Confidence Intervals for Turning-Points: A Demonstration with Higher Order Polynomials", 30th Anniversary Edition of Advances in Econometrics, Volume 30, pp.59 - 95.

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Teaching responsibilities

  • ECON90007 - Economics Research Report (Semester 1)
  • ECOM20001 - Introductory Econometrics (Semester 2)
  • ECON90007 - Economics Research Report (Semester 2)