Centre for Actuarial Studies

The Centre for Actuarial Studies is one of only four actuarial teaching units in Australia that is recognised by the Institute of Actuaries of Australia as a Centre of Excellence. It has an international reputation for research, and attracts a strong cohort of students and researchers.

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Centre for Market Design

The Centre for Market Design is a collaboration between the University of Melbourne, the Commonwealth Treasury, and the Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance. Drawing on well established expertise in areas of economic design, and research strengths in the underlying disciplines of mechanism design, information economics, structural econometrics and experimental economics, the Centre provides an institutional framework to build research capacity and to support ongoing policy collaboration.

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Econometrics Research Unit

The Econometrics Unit focuses on the development, evaluation and application of microeconometric methods. Current research includes consumer expenditure analysis, environmental economics, labour economics, health economics, transport economics, measurement of inequality and poverty, and measurement of productivity and efficiency.

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Economic Theory and Experiments Unit

The Economic Theory and Experiments Unit promotes research of the highest standard in all areas of economic theory; as well as national and international affiliations in this area.

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Experimental Economics Laboratory

The Experimental Economics Laboratory is a state-of-the-art facility that promotes the use of experimental methods in economics research and policy-making.

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Macroeconomics Research Unit

The Macroeconomics Research Unit focuses on the development of macroeconomic theory, macroeconometrics and macroeconomic policy. The Unit hosts national and international visitors, holds regular workshops, and holds occasional conferences involving other researchers from within and outside Australia, including groups from industry and government departments.

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Trade and Development Research Unit

The Trade and Development Research Unit focuses on the economic issues facing the countries in the Asia-Pacific region and broader issues of global economic development.

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Households Research Unit

The Households Research Unit investigates the economic structure of households and their interaction with the market economy.

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