Our graduates are equipped with the analytical skills sought by government and private sector employers, and are ready to deal with decisions, problems and options faced by society, governments, businesses and households. They are found in the private sector, public sector and non-for-profit organisations, in a diverse range of industries.

Many programs and services are offered by both the Business & Economics Careers Centre and the University‚Äôs central Careers and  Employment Service that provide opportunities for organisations or individual professionals to participate and engage with students of the department to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

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Careers in the actuarial profession

There are currently more than 1000 actuaries working in Australia. About 20 per cent work in life insurance, 18 per cent in general insurance and 18 per cent are engaged in superannuation. The remainder are employed in finance and investment, management, government service and within universities. There are more than 300 Australian qualified actuaries working overseas.

As well as focusing on finance and insurance issues, today's actuary is likely to engage with fields such as health, education, public infrastructure, climate change and environmental sector and genetics.