Exemption Information

From January 2002 the Centre has introduced a new policy regarding applications for exemptions from Actuaries Institute exams.

Information about exemptions has been supplied on exemption lists. If your student number appears on an exemption list, you can apply for exemption from the appropriate Actuaries Institute subject. When completing your application for exemptions for actuarial subjects you should record the appropriate exemption list rather than your university marks (e.g. write 2015/CT1 if you are applying for a CT1 exemption on the basis of your results in ACTL20001 and ACTL20002 in 2015).

All students must complete the two page exemption letter and send the application to:

Exemptions Administrator - Centre for Actuarial Studies
Level 4 Faculty of Business and Economics Building 105
The University of Melbourne
111 Barry Street Carlton VIC 3053

Download exemption letter

Exemption lists


CT1 CT4 CT6 CT8 Part II Sem 1