Economics has been taught at the The University of Melbourne since 1855.  The Department of Economics has several dedicated research units attracting local and overseas academics, and continually pushes the boundaries of knowledge in the fields of economics and econometrics.

Economics provides skills in problem solving for business and government. It examines ways to understand what happens in markets, the performance of national economies and approaches for analysing and interpreting data. Ultimately, economics facilitates better decision making about the myriad of problems you will confront in the commercial world or in government.


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The economics major in the Bachelor of Commerce develops problem-solving and data analysis skills for use in both business and government settings.


The Department of Economics teaches into a number of specialist areas, to cater for the diverse interests of our students and researchers.


The Honours year advances your knowledge of economics; and develops research skills that are regarded as essential for employment by State and Federal Government, Treasury, the Reserve Bank, many public enterprises and, increasingly, the private sector.


Visit the Melbourne Business School website to browse the suite of postgraduate study options in economics.

Graduate Research

Our PhD with Coursework (Economics) emphasises independent, original work and collaboration with leading scholars.

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Our Research

The Faculty of Business and Economics is home to a wide range of specialist research centres.  Our academics are active collaborators in multi-partner centres which bring together researchers and practitioners from a range of disciplines and industries.

Current Students

Additional information about the courses for current students can be found on the Department's Current Students page.

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