MGMT30017 Global Management Consulting is a third year capstone subject that gives students the opportunity to gain industry experience in an international setting. Students spend two weeks in an overseas city, working on a genuine business challenge with their peers. Currently, the planned host cities are:

What is Global Management Consulting?

Global Management Consulting MGMT30017 is a capstone subject that offers Bachelor of Commerce students the opportunity to complete an intensive business project overseas. Each project is formulated and supervised by a corporation in the host location.

This industry project aims to develop student's practical business competencies in an international setting and link with companies on projects related to their discipline.

Twenty students will be selected to travel to each location with an academic supervisor. Students will be allocated into teams of four, with each team working with a company on a business project over a two week period. Teams will be required to present their findings to an academic supervisor and senior management at the host company, as well as a written report at the conclusion of the industry project.

The subject is offered in January, July and December during the non-teaching part of the academic calendar. Students must be in their final 125 points of their Bachelor of Commerce degree to participate in the subject. In addition to the intensive industry project, Global Management Consulting incorporates sightseeing and cultural tours as well as the opportunity to network with alumni.

This is a for-credit subject worth 12.5 points.

Consulting projects

The Faculty of Business and Economics collaborates with a range of companies. The companies will provide business projects and problems they are currently facing, and may ask students to:

  • Examine a new business opportunity for their company
  • Undertake a business analysis exercise
  • Undertake financial analysis or model of current operations, products or services
  • Develop a marketing plan for the company
  • Undertake a business planning exercise or
  • Recommend operational efficiencies.

Students, in teams of four, will be assigned a company, given a project brief, work together as a team and then present their project findings and recommendations to senior company representatives on the final day of the project.

Each project will require students to draw upon multidisciplinary knowledge from accounting, finance, economics, management and marketing.

Students are allocated to project teams taking into consideration the scope of the project and the students' academic discipline and professional experience. The groups are made up of students from different degrees with varying academic and professional backgrounds. All teams and projects are multidisciplinary.

Eligibility and selection process:

  • Prerequisites: You must have completed a minimum of 175 points total accumulated at the commencement of the subject including MGMT20001 Organisational Behaviour.
  • You must be enrolled in the Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Melbourne.
  • For the January and July programs, a call for applications is made each semester from Week 2 to Week 4.
  • For the December programs, a call for applications is made in approximately Week 8 of Semester 1. 
  • Students will be shortlisted on the basis of their average grades. Shortlisted applicants will be required to attend a group interview at an allocated time.
  • Final selection will be based on the interview process, demonstrated and relevant experience, motivation and attitude to teamwork.
  • Entry is competitive as places are limited. There are 20 places available for each location. We are looking for a diverse group of students who will be ambassadors for the University of Melbourne.

How much does it cost?

The cost varies according to location and can only be confirmed approximately 2 months prior to departure. Approximate costs for each location are:

Location    Approximate cost
Berlin, Germany $1150
Singapore and Hong Kong $1150
Shanghai, China $1150
Santiago, Chile $1150
Bangkok, Thailand $1150
San Francisco, USA $1650

Note this cost is in addition to the standard subject tuition fee for commerce subjects. Students enrolled in a Commonwealth supported place may defer payment of the tuition fee portion only.

What is included?

  • Accommodation including breakfast (in minimum 3-star equivalent accommodation based on a twin-share, air-conditioned, ensuite room)
  • Local sightseeing tours
  • The University offers a complimentary standard travel insurance policy (conditions apply)

What is not included?

  • International airfare
  • Local transportation
  • Lunch, dinner and spending money
  • Visa
  • Additional personal insurance (the University offers a complimentary standard travel insurance policy)

Grants, Scholarships and Funding

  • $1,000 Melbourne Global Scholars Award from Melbourne Scholarships. The grant is awarded to eligible students on the basis of academic merit. There is no need to apply until you have been selected into the subject.
  • 10 x $1000 New Colombo Plan Scholarships funded by the federal Government (Australian Citizens only). 10 grants will be awarded to eligible students. No application is required. Selected students will be notified of the grant at the same time as the offer for a place in the subject.
  • OS-HELP loans are available to students enrolled in a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) in a degree course who want to undertake part of their study overseas.
  • Financial Aid is a valuable resource for students - they can assist with budgeting, advice on different sources of funding, and loan funds to students with zero interest and flexible repayment options to support this program. 

How can I get further information?

Putting theory into Practice: Global Management Consulting: Ellie Avis