Business and Economics Events

  • Wednesday 3May2017

    • 6:30pm - 8:00pm

      Freebairn Lecture 2017: Fiscal outcomes in a time of increasing political spin and unanticipated economic change

      Professor Bob Gregory will explore federal budget outcomes, primarily tax revenue shortfalls over the last decade and a half, to explain why tax revenue forecast errors are so large, why budget deficits have become so persistent and why the implicit tax policy of government is leading to an inexorable and significant rise in personal income tax rates. This discussion is linked to economic misjudgements of Treasurers and the unanticipated structural changes that are occurring in the Australian ec...

    • Wednesday 10May2017

      • 6:00pm - 8:00pm

        Back To The Future: Workplace Relations and Labour Law in the 21st Century

        Modern labour law is a product of the industrial revolution. As people moved off the land in the 19th century and went to work in factories, norms regarding the obligations of capital (the master or landowner) to those who performed the work collapsed. Most workers lacked bargaining power, with harsh working conditions, low pay and no job security. Subsequently, unions, collective bargaining and legislation became the vehicles for improving the lot of workers. Labour law was developed, based on...