Business and Economics Events

  • Friday 24Nov2017

    • 8:45am - 5:15pm

      Australian Accounting Standards Board Research Forum

      Proudly supported by the University of Melbourne, the 2017 Australian Accounting Standards Board Research Forum brings together academics and financial reporting stakeholders from the forprofit and notforprofit sectors to discuss research addressing effective communication of financial and narrative reporting. IASB Vice Chair Sue Lloyd will present this year's keynote speech. Three academic research papers will be presented, followed by commentary by panelists from the relevant practitioner c...

    • Wednesday 29Nov2017

      • 6:30pm - 8:00pm

        The Long Run Effects of the Social Safety Net

        Downing Lecture 2017 A common framework for evaluating human capital, training and early life stimulation/parenting programs is as an investment: resources are invested upfront that generate returns over the longer run (in terms of education, labor market, health, etc.). Paradoxically, we don’t typically evaluate social assistance programs within this same lens. Instead, antipoverty programs are typically evaluated by comparing current period benefits (to reducing poverty) to the costs (fisc...

      • Wednesday 13Dec2017