Your new Alumni Council Members

Thanks to your votes in the recent Alumni Council elections, these newly elected Business and Economics alumni will act as your voice on the Business and Economics Alumni Council for the 2017-2018 term.

Congratulations to:

Catherine Matthews (BA (2011), MMgt(HR) (2014))

Catherine is a Senior Associate at Macquarie Bank in Sydney. She is part of the Gender Equality Committee and volunteer with the Macquarie Group Foundation. Catherine is also a Director of the GWS Giants, and sits on their Women’s Advisory Committee. During her time with the Faculty of Business and Economics, she was a Graduate Ambassador and President of the Melbourne Business School Sports Club.

Cassandra Petkovski (BCom (2014), MMgtAcct (2016))

Cassandra is a Graduate Analyst at Deloitte and is eager to maintain her connection to the Faculty as she progresses into the next chapter of her professional life.  During her time at university, Cassandra embraced the various opportunities on offer, including representing the Faculty at the Global Business Case Competition in Seattle and assisting at Faculty events such as the Future Leaders Forum.

Christopher Smith (BCom 1981)

Chris is a Principal at Terni Consulting and has 30 years' experience in roles in chartered accounting, investment, corporate and institutional banking and private wealth management. His experience spans Australia, New Zealand and 11 countries in Asia. Having served on the Council since 2013, Chris is eager to continue driving robust connections within the alumni community across all professional and life stages.

The Business and Economics Alumni Council

Since 2010, the Business and Economics Alumni Council as a sub-committee of the Business and Economics Board has acted as a voice for our alumni community, fostering networks and connections between alumni all over the world and kick-starting some of our most successful initiatives.

The Council comprises of thirteen members, with three positions elected by the Business and Economics alumni community. The Faculty's Young Alumni Committee operates as a sub-committee of the Alumni Council.

Purpose of the Alumni Council

The B&E Alumni Council supports the mission of the Faculty of Business and Economics by fostering a lifelong connection with its global alumni community for the benefit of students, alumni and the wider university community. This is achieved through uniting graduates from around the world, connecting a global network of knowledge leaders and through the generosity of the members of the Faculty of Business and Economics alumni community.
The Faculty's first Alumni Council was established in 2010. The role of the Alumni Council is to foster networks between alumni and to support the work of the Dean, the Business and Economics Board, and the Advancement Unit. Specifically, the Council assists the Faculty to:

  • represent the views of the alumni community both in Australia and throughout the region;
  • engage in a more strategic way with alumni, the business community, government and the broader community;
  • foster alumni interest and goodwill in the Faculty's affairs by encouraging intellectual and emotional ties between alumni and the Faculty;
  • raise the profile of the Faculty both in Australia and throughout the region;
  • raise resources to support the Faculty.

Current Council Members

Contact us

If you have any questions about the Alumni Council Elections, please contact:

Rubina Bulot
Alumni Relations Manager
+61 3 8344 5381