Major Sponsors

The Centre for Accounting and Industry Partnerships extends its warmest appreciation and thanks to the major sponsors of the 2017 Australian Accounting Hall of Fame Dinner and Awards Ceremony for their support and assistance.

CPA Australia

CPAA logo

CPA Australia CPA Australia is one of the world's largest accounting bodies with a global membership of more than 155,000 members working in 118 countries. Our members work in diverse roles across public practice, commerce, not-for-profit industry, government and academia, throughout Australia and internationally. Over 25,000 work in senior leadership positions.

CPA Australia’s members are distinguished by their degree qualifications and the additional education they undertake post-graduation. The quality of current and future members depends on the quality and accessibility of their educational pathways. The skills and qualifications acquired through higher education are integral for a successful career grounded in accounting. This is a key reason why CPA Australia values and works in close partnership in academia: we share  a passion for building a solid foundation of professional accounting skills for the leaders of tomorrow.

CPA Australia supports accounting academics in their teaching and research; facilitates their connections with their colleagues, education and business stakeholders; advocates for policy change in the public and professional interest; and engages academics in our activities and events. We work alongside academics to support their students in their studies and careers, and enable their peer networks and connections to future employers. We are advocates for the profession on campuses.

Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand

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Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand focuses on the education and lifelong learning of members, and engages in advocacy and thought leadership in areas that impact the economy and domestic and international capital markets.

We are made up of over 117,000 diverse, talented and financially astute professionals who utilise their skills every day to make a difference for businesses the world over. Members of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand are known for their professional integrity, principled judgment, superior analytical skills and financial discipline, as well as a forward-looking approach to business. Our members' commitment to lifelong learning ensures that their expertise remains relevant. The Chartered Accountants code of ethics is respected and valued by leaders in business and finance around the world.

Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand is represented on the Board of the International Federation of Accountants, and is connected globally through the 1,000,000 -strong Global Accounting Alliance. We are also members of Chartered Accountants Worldwide, which brings together leading Institutes in Australia, England and Wales, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland and South Africa to support and promote over 320,000 Chartered Accountants in more than 180 countries.

Prospective Sponsors

The Australian Accounting Hall of Fame recognises those accounting practitioners and academics who have made significant and lasting contributions to the field of accounting in Australia.

Together we can celebrate their contributions and the legacy they have created for tomorrow and your participation will ensure those selected are acknowledged and honored in a very tangible way by membership of the Australian Accounting Hall of Fame.

This annual event is an opportunity for you, as a supporter, to be part of a leadership community and participate in advancing accounting in Australia. Sponsorship opportunities are still available for you and your organisation to take part in advancing the Australian Accounting Hall of Fame.

To find out more about becoming an AAHoF sponsor, please contact Associate Professor Brad Potter, Director, Centre for Accounting & Industry Partnerships on (03) 8344 4989, or caip-info@unimelb.edu.au